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  1. OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Fayrie #3966 (yeah i am not imaginative at names) Wolfie: Confirm'd
  2. Raid Introduction: Vale Guardian

    Fayrie.2349 I have most experience on condi ranger/magi druid but can also bring a phalanx strength warrior or a non tanking chrono. I'd like you to come with a PS Warrior ~Nasu
  3. Hello

    Hi, I'm Danni but my ingame ID is Fayrie. I've been playing Guild Wars 2 on and off since launch after so many, many years on Guild Wars. I have two accounts because I'm some-what of an alto-holic (if you can call 113 characters some-what). I enjoy leveling, map completion, Hp runs and doing fractals/ dungeons with people I know. I'm quite shy so it takes me a while to speak out loud and terrified of pugging. I tend to prefer a ranged playstyle to melee but i'll try anything that sounds fun build wise. I'm from the UK but live in South Africa and outside the game I'm mostly obsessed with my two dogs.