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  1. Holiday update! Over the holidays, there's always a ton of baking in this house, and we always make at least one potica! Also, bonus loaf of bread And this was my next banana bread child! This time, with walnuts! (We started eating all of these on Sunday and I'm afraid to say they're all gone )
  2. I don't know, Guest!Me. We should look into this
  3. What is the Community Assembly? The Community Assembly is a community-wide meeting open to everyone, where we can share plans for the upcoming future of the community, hear ideas from our members and discuss any questions, quandaries and concerns people might be having related to the community. Anyone can come along and voice their concerns, ask questions, share ideas, as well as ask for clarifications on any matters regarding the community What will be the big topics? Any topics can be brought up by members, but major topics that will be brought up by the OC staff relate to the changes in the community, what we hope they will achieve, and the future we're hoping to build for the community. We'll be discussing progress on the GW2League, our new Teamspeak structure, and changes on the website! And as always, if you'd like to discuss other topics, don't be afraid to bring them up! Whether you have questions yourself, or you'd just like to come and hear what others have to say or what the plans for the future are, we hope to see you at the 4th Community Assembly!
  4. Hey everyone! We've kept busy since our last update, with both a website and teamspeak overhaul, so let's dive right in and see what's new! Community Assembly - Sunday, 21st of April, 18:00 CEST First, we'd like to remind everyone that this Sunday, at 18:00 CEST, we'll be having our next Community Assembly! We'll be discussing the website & Teamspeak changes announced here, as well as some future ideas such as potential donation prizes, OC birthday plans, and other fun stuff! As always, if you have any questions, comments, queries or complaints, don't be shy and speak up at the assembly! If it's something to do with this update, you can also comment on the post here! Website Overhaul Our website's been overhauled with a few major, and several minor updates! New Front Page As we've moved away from predominantly using forums, we're now using a brand new front page, which should better highlight and focus the different hangouts our website provides Clubs Renamed to Hangouts! As clubs are beginning to take their final form, we've renamed them site-wide to hangouts. We just thought it sounded better and less exclusive than clubs GW2 League The biggest and most profound change is the GW2 League, which is our new working name for the section previously known as "Autonomous Groups"! The old GW2 Guilds page has been taken down, and all guilds that wish to be listed on our GW2 League page can now do so! The GW2 League hangout features give guild leaders a lot more freedom with regards to what they can do, as they can freely edit and moderate their own areas, create new sections of their private hangout, and even schedule their own events! We'd like to first take a while to give priority to guilds that used to be OpenCommunity guilds, so any guild leader that wishes to have their guild listed (and to gain a channel in the new independent section), feel free to contact me and we'll arrange it! The Return of Donations Donations are back! Now that OpenCommunity's closer to resembling its final intended form for the foreseen future, we're comfortable putting back the donations page! We're also toying with some options for the last 2 supporter tiers that are yet to be announced in this supporter set! The Package Tracker has also received a slight improvement, receiving an additional progress field for mails that are "In Progress", to let people know if their mail is being processed by us. General Improvements We've added a mega footer with some useful info, links, and navigation, we've updated the navigation menu up top, and tweaked the theme a little bit to make the transparent backgrounds a little bit less transparent, to improve overall readability on the site! In general, there have also been some other small improvements on the site, and some cleanup of old information. Teamspeak Overhaul Our Teamspeak has been completely reworked with regards to the channel and group structure! GW2 League Area The GW2 League area has been created as the area where leaders of independent guilds & groups have a lot more freedom, and can freely create and curate their private channels! Within this area, guild leaders and their chosen officers have more powers than they did before, including channel bans, moderation, assigning music bots, and being able to create guest-protected channels! In addition, it's now possible to connect to our Teamspeak using the server nickname "GW2League". When GW2League becomes hosted on a separate address, this'll make it easier for users to connect with the same bookmark! Public Area The public area is the space for anyone - from community members, to guild members, to guests - to hang out and play together! It features two social channels - one regular and one music channel, and a ton of private channels for your group gaming needs! It also houses the old AFK cupboard! OC Sanctuary The OpenCommunity sanctuary is the area where OC members can go, knowing they will not be disturbed or harassed by non-confirmed members. It provides a safe space that only those with the permission can visit and see into, that way, our members know they have a private area they can use, even during the time OC is hosting the GW2League. This area features a social channel, a music channel, private rooms, and even its own AFK space. It also houses the OC office and the Workshop (the latter is, at the moment, still accessible to non-members)! OC members still have the ability to create private channels, just like they did before, along with some other cool features that we're planning to outline in a TS usage guide soon! That's it for Update #5, we'll go into some further details regarding the GW2League and Teamspeak permissions in the future!
  5. Hello yes I bring the anger and the rage
  6. After a conversation with @Doomsday I remembered this amazingly funny Jenny video and I thought I should share it The Crimes of JK Rowling
  7. This is where we can put all the screenshots from our Minecraft server! When posting a pic, if you want, you can also add coordinates so people can find it in-game! Anyone can add, but please make sure you only add stuff from our server
  8. It does? The caption says That's not that fancy, is it? According to a compare website my Radeon R9 390 seems comparable to that GPU But then again, ever since crptos exploded the GPU market I've been a bit out of the loop
  9. Hello everyone! The year has rolled around and it's time for the Toga Party for Multiple Sclerosis! We are once again teaming up with Gamers Giving Back to host the Toga Party on the EU servers, and we're inviting anyone from OpenCommunity to join us on the first OC Volunteer Meeting, which is open to everyone! The volunteer meeting is on Saturday, April 6th, at 18:00 CEST, on our Teamspeak at ts.theopencommunity.org! What is the MS Toga Party? The MS Toga Party is an in-game event dating all the way back to 2009 in Guild Wars 1, when a bunch of people gathered together to create a fun event to raise some money for MS research! Over the years we've raised tens of thousands of dollars for the MS care and research, with grants going around the world! The in-game event features a bunch of fun in-game events and contests with cool prizes, tons of fun, and live legendary giveaways! You can find out more information on the MS Toga Party website! When is the Toga Party? The main event is on May 11th, but don't worry, if you can't make it on the day and would still love to help out, come to the volunteer meeting, and we'll see how you can help! What do volunteers have to do? The volunteers don't have to do anything Any assistance is strictly voluntary. We have a bunch of different events which will need people to assist, act as judges, or even lead, if you're feeling up to that task, and we also have some other non-event tasks that volunteers can help out with! At the meeting, you can say what you're interested in helping out with, and we'll see if we can get it done! We're also open to any individual, group, or guild who wishes to organise any pre-events in the weeks leading up to Toga! Note: Joining the meeting is non-binding, and you can simply come to listen For more information, or if you have any questions or comments, feel free to reply to this post, private message me on the forums, or contact me in-game at Lelling.6795!
  10. Happy Birthday, Tamo! ❤️ 🎂

  11. Additional Announcement We are also pleased to announce that to continue our quest for equality, which we already started earlier this year by dissolving the Commander Tags and distributing the means of conduction, we will be dissolving the Admin and Manager ranks, and instead, all members will need to participate in weekly meetings where they decide the future of the community. Additionally, all OC guild leaders must relinquish their leadership position, and distribute equal power to all their members. All private channels on Teamspeak will be socialised and their ownership transferred to the people. All OC supporter rewards will be distributed to members of OpenCommunity and in addition to their usual supporter rewards, our supporters will receiving a new OpenCommunity hammer and OC logo scarf to wear to their local rally, or to use as a stopper for bottles to use against the bourgeoisie. We are also declaring today the GW2 Labor Day, to commemorate all the unpaid labor our members, as well as other GW2 players are doing in Guild Wars 2, putting in countless hours trying to pass through the Super Adventure Box. Together, we can build a more OC future!
  12. Thanks for the votes, folks! I'll keep the Introduce Yourself forum in the Community Center club for now, but if anyone has any more ideas and/or suggestions, don't be afraid to let us know!
  13. Hail, comrades! As promised, we are continuing our steps to further align OpenCommunity with its core ideals. We've updated not only the channels on our Teamspeak, but also the website, with a brand new logo! We're also happy to report that in the spirit of equality, all our members on Teamspeak have been awarded a Golden Cookie! In the coming days, we will continue to improve the website to truly flesh it out in the spirit of OpenCommunity. Please stay tuned for further announcements later today, detailing the new redistribution of power and responsibilities amongst the members, as well as additional announcements regarding our Teamspeak changes tomorrow! We are really looking forward to taking OpenCommunity one step closer to the ideals mapped out in its initial founding! SFSN! Lelling


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

Gamers Giving Back

GGB Toga Website

We're a proud partner of Gamers Giving Back, the charity organisation created by gamers to raise funds for important causes through in-game events!

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