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  1. There's this great video series titled "The Alt-Right Playbook", by Innuendo Studios, basically going through some of the tools and mechanisms the alt-right uses to organise, recruit, and spread their ideology.

    But the first 4 minutes of this video touch on another topic - the mainstreaming of queer culture. I thought of it as it was just National Coming Out Day, and I think this video actually describes the importance of visibility really well.

    P.S.: Thanks to @Pippin for recommending this series to me 😄 

  2. So, the first post in this thread, that was posted more than three years ago, was an Amanda Palmer song, and I've recently FINALLY seen Amanda live. Her concert was a 4 hour one woman show, and it was absolutely amazing! Such an amazing artist, and a great connection with the audience! I would absolutely recommend it to anyone 😄 


    This is one of my favorites from her new album ❤️ 


  3. And now for something completely different 😄 

    There's a great new channel done by Hank Green called Journey to the Microcosmos, and it's just a really great dive into the world of microscopic organisms! It's all just videos of microscopic footage with a voiceover, usually describing one specific facet of this world that is everywhere around (and inside) of us!🔬 It's a really great channel and I would definitely recommend checking it out!

    I'm going to link their most popular video here - on Stentors! One of the coolest single-celled organisms I've ever learned about 😄 


  4. Some of the stuff we know so far about 2020: 

    • It will be on May 16 2020, in the Rotterdam Ahoy arena. Semifinals are May 12 and 14.
    • The beloved Jon Ola Sand will be stepping down as Executive Supervisor after 2020, ending the 10 year sandy era. There's no word on who might replace him.
    • A bunch of song / artist announcement dates have already gone up - earliest song announcement date so far is Albania with December 2019
    • Belgium is the first country to select and announce their artist - Hooverphonic! They selected them internally (i.e., without a public voting selection). Their song will be announced in February.

    A little fun fact about the Belgian selection, which is somewhat unique at Eurovision. Belgium is represented by two national broadcasters - Flemish VRT, and French-speaking RTBF. and they alternate which broadcaster sends the representative. Hooverphonic is being sent by the Flemish broadcaster.

    Imo this is something that the UK might want to consider, since various Scottish and Welsh national broadcasters have expressed interest in participating, and the BBC's own entries have very much circled the proverbial drain in terms of scores for the last 20 years 😄 

  5. So anyone who's spoken with me for more than half a second knows that I am unironically a huge fan of the Eurovision Song Contest 😄 I like what it represents, I like the drama and shenanigans, I like the event that it is, with millions of people having memories of watching it with friends or family, people all over Europe coming together for this one event that we can all talk about, and, importantly, I also like a lot of the songs!

    While Eurovision 2020 is still more than half a year away, what Eurovision fans term "Eurovision season" is already on 😄! Pretty much the only first rule for Eurovision song entries is that they must be original pieces of music that have not been released or performed before September of the year preceding the event, and we'll soon be seeing the first national selections happen! I tend to follow this stuff and there's always something interesting, or at the very least, silly to share with people so I figured I might as well start a thread about this 😄  

  6. Hexagons are my favorite shape, and I decided I'd make a town based on them in Cities: Skylines!

    I spend a while figuring out exactly how to do it, but then I just decided to start making roads of equal length with 120° angles, and voila, hexagons!


    Although there does seem to be a tiny margin of error, despite the angle text saying 120°, which results in some occasional discrepancies, but nothing too major 😄 



    It's not the clearest screenshot but I might get some more down the line 😄 I started with the little district on the right, and the industrial section on the left, and then expanded when the demand for homes increased!

    This map has no rivers, so unfortunately I had to sacrifice one of the lakes to pump sewage into it, but cleaning it will be a priority later 😄 Right now I'm planning to make the middle bit in between the three sections into a giant nature reserve, which I think will make it look really nice! Then, the next thing I'll be looking into is expanding the city with some high density living spaces, for which I might use slightly bigger hexagons, but I'm not really sure how exactly I'm going to be pulling that off. These hexagons, although quaint, do have the problem that they're too small for certain more important buildings.


  7. Tyria Pride 2019 [Dispatched on May 31st]


    Members of DV! It's time to once again don our colorful apparel and make our way through Tyria in support of our LGBTQ+ friends & guildies!

    Tyria Pride is happening on Saturday & Sunday, June 22 and 23!

    This year we'll be benefitting Rainbow Railroad, a charity which helps LGBTQ+ people get to safety from persecution and violence!

    We'll also have pre-events every Saturday & Sunday until the main event! Check out the MOTD for event times, and for more info, go to:



  8. I've been looking at the responses, and taking into account that Saturdays often have to give way to things like meetings and special events, and my Fridays are already taken, I think the best time is going to be Wednesdays ^^ However, please note that just because I'm doing it on Wednesday, doesn't mean you can't do it on Fridays & Saturdays, there are clearly enough people who are interested in those two days, so if anyone wants to start their own game night, feel free to shout here 😄 


    So, if you're interested, join us on Wednesday at... shall we say.. 19:00 CEST, on Teamspeak! We'll be in a group channel somewhere 😄 

  9. Not a video essayist, but one of my favorite new youtube discoveries is the channel Worldbuilding Notes! The creator is amazingly creative and talented, and the videos she makes are super interesting and definitely active those creative brain cells if you ever find yourself in a creative slump 😄 


  10. Upcoming Events in May [Dispatched on April 27th]


    "Calling all DV members! Sound the horn and awaken!

    We've got a ton of events coming up at OpenCommunity in May! Here are just some of the bigger ones:

    -> Wednesday, May 1st
    OpenCommunity's Birthday get-together!

    -> Saturday, May 4th
    OC's birthday party!

    -> Saturday, May 11th
    Toga Party for Multiple Sclerosis!

    There's so much fun, prizes, giveaways, and all sorts of stuff to be had! Hope to see you there!

    Check out the full announcement at:


  11. Holiday update! Over the holidays, there's always a ton of baking in this house, and we always make at least one potica!


    Also, bonus loaf of bread 😄 



    And this was my next banana bread child!


    This time, with walnuts! 😄 


    (We started eating all of these on Sunday and I'm afraid to say they're all gone 😄)


  12. 4 hours ago, Minithra said:

    Except it needs a super-computer to run... hopefully that'll get optimized, though!

    It does? The caption says



    FPS are below 30 but with normal graphic settings and without recording it's actually playable with up to 50-70 fps.

    Running on a GTX 970 with an i7 4790k and 16GB DDR3 RAM.
    Considering this old PC, it runs very good!


    That's not that fancy, is it? According to a compare website my Radeon R9 390 seems comparable to that GPU 🤔 But then again, ever since crptos exploded the GPU market I've been a bit out of the loop 😅

  13. Hello everyone!

    The year has rolled around and it's time for the Toga Party for Multiple Sclerosis! We are once again teaming up with Gamers Giving Back to host the Toga Party on the EU servers, and we're inviting anyone from OpenCommunity to join us on the first OC Volunteer Meeting, which is open to everyone!

    The volunteer meeting is on Saturday, April 6th, at 18:00 CEST, on our Teamspeak at ts.theopencommunity.org!



    What is the MS Toga Party?

    The MS Toga Party is an in-game event dating all the way back to 2009 in Guild Wars 1, when a bunch of people gathered together to create a fun event to raise some money for MS research! Over the years we've raised tens of thousands of dollars for the MS care and research, with grants going around the world!

    The in-game event features a bunch of fun in-game events and contests with cool prizes, tons of fun, and live legendary giveaways!

    You can find out more information on the MS Toga Party website!


    When is the Toga Party?

    The main event is on May 11th, but don't worry, if you can't make it on the day and would still love to help out, come to the volunteer meeting, and we'll see how you can help!


    What do volunteers have to do?

    The volunteers don't have to do anything 😛 Any assistance is strictly voluntary. We have a bunch of different events which will need people to assist, act as judges, or even lead, if you're feeling up to that task, and we also have some other non-event tasks that volunteers can help out with! At the meeting, you can say what you're interested in helping out with, and we'll see if we can get it done!

    We're also open to any individual, group, or guild who wishes to organise any pre-events in the weeks leading up to Toga!

    Note: Joining the meeting is non-binding, and you can simply come to listen 😄 


    For more information, or if you have any questions or comments, feel free to reply to this post, private message me on the forums, or contact me in-game at Lelling.6795!


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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