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  1. AgentAGadge.6310 pDPS Weaver cDPS Soulbeast Was with you for the introduction a couple of weeks ago EDIT: Weaver DPS please
  2. AgentAGadge.6310 New to Xera, I'd like to play Weaver Power DPS. I can also come with a condi DPS Soulbeast. Thanks ! EDIT: Weaver DPS please
  3. AgentAGadge.6310 Weaver power DPS and Condi Soulbeast. Sounds like a cool evening !
  4. Can come as a Weaver Power DPS or Condi Soulbeast ! AgentAGadge.6310 I'd like you to come with a DPS you feel more comfortable with. ~Nasu
  5. AgentAGadge.6310 Did a very short intro after a Bastion training a few days ago, but I'd like to get a proper opportunity to focus on this boss Weaver Power DPS or Condi Soulbeast ! Thank you I'd like you to come with DPS, the choice is yours. ~Nasu
  6. AgentAGadge.6310 Never done this encounter (but not a new raider). I can come as Weaver Power DPS (or Condi SoulBeast but apparently, not that good here ) Yes, power Weaver please. ~Nasu
  7. AgentAGadge.6310 I don't have any tank available but I would be glad to help if you need a Weaver Power DPS and/or a soulbeast condi DPS. I did the introduction and the training of VG with OpenCommunity, plus a few runs on my own. If you need me, I'll be there ! Edit: DPS, whichever you prefer Thanks!
  8. AgentAGadge.6310 I can come as a Weaver Power DPS or a SoulBeast Condi DPS. Thank you ! I'd like you to come with power Weaver ~Nasu
  9. AgentAGadge.6310 I would love to join as a Soulbeast Condi DPS or a Weaver Power DPS. I just did the VG initiation with OpenCommunity and I would like to keep on training However I have never seen Goresval. I'll read about it and watch videos to prepare if you still accept me Up to you EDIT : Got a chance to kill both since last week. I am still clumsy with some mechanics, so a training won't hurt ! I'd like you to come with a power Weaver ~Nasu
  10. AgentAGadge.6310 Condition DPS (Soulbeast Condition Stance Share build, according to metabattle, 1st time ever) Edit: Soulbeast Condition DPS
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