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  1. NanCurunir

    Your favorite game no one else has heard of!

    This gem is named Caveland. It was such a good game. A Puzzle game with economic simulation. Unfortunatly I cannot find it anywhere to get this game. If anybody have a tipp where to get it or suggest a similar game, I would be so greatful.
  2. NanCurunir

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    NanCurunir.9654 GW2 NanCurunir#7216 Discord Viridian: confirmed
  3. NanCurunir

    TT starts now, so Hello.

    Hello everybody, I am NanCurunir, (Normally called Nan). My first char reached 80 two weeks ago (NanEssia Elementalist Sylvari). On the contrary, I am not a Female from Tyria. I am a Male German Chemist. Before I got hooked with GW2, I played a for years League Of Legends and Lord of the Rings online. After a week with you in Triple Trouble, I had to join and say hello and thank you for the awesome Event Team. With such a team in Lotro I would not play GW2 right now. I will be looking forward to see you in the Tyria. NanCurunir