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    I was thinking about recommending anime to watch in another thread, but then I got a REALLY long list with too many reasons as to why to watch each one. So instead I'll review each anime one at a time. If you guys have anime you want to review place it here. (This is more about the small details and less opinion. So an actual review). Monster Plot The plot begins following Doctor Tenma, a Japanese doctor working in Germany. He is slowly becoming un-happy at work due to the politics and small talk surrounding him. Eventually he is forced to make a choice, save a politician's or a child's life. He saves the child (both logically and emotionally this is the right choice) bad news is that it turns out the child is a mass murderer, and continues his rampage, by getting rid of two people close to the Doctor. 9 years later and the child returns grown up, and Doctor Tenma has another choice to make, live a normal life, or follow this life he has saved and end it. The plot is very well crafted, based off a novel and manga. Many times the plot will try to confuse you or suddenly do plot twists, but its not forced at all. The plot is what will keep you wanting to watch the next episode. Characters At the start, the cast is fairly small but expands as Doctor Tenma moves around. However, the main focus is always Johan, the child that was saved. His character is charming, intelligent and powerful. He could be whoever he wanted effortlessly. This charm is what makes him truly scary, a monster that could exist in real life (and has in the past). He is often compared to Adolf Hitler, making many people dance to his tune, before destroying them The cast eventually is massive, and many characters revisit the plot multiple of times (Tenma's ex-wife will often pop her head in to annoy you). Animation Nothing to write home about. At times the animation will feel lazy, assets used over and over. Many of the characters are also plain, with some expeditions. This is actually a strong point though. Since nothing sticks out, at times the plot will feel believable. It does its job and doesn't have any draw backs. Music Again, the budget wasn't placed here at all, and at times you will be hearing the same pieces over and over. The music will also at times becomes some what out of place with what's happening on the screen. The anime uses silence to great effect though. Overall If you are looking for something to sink your teeth into, this is the anime for you. Characters and plot mend well together and will often make you feel uncomfortable (in a good way).
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    Critical Role!

    Ive been told to tell you to watch this. Watch this.


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