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  1. A little podcast i made for promoting a party where we played a 4hr set. Mostly House and Garage, some breakbeats. Can post a tracklist if anyone is interested Therapieknete is Silly Putty in english, dont ask how we got that name
  2. Nice guide, short and informative. I might have a few things to add/discuss tho: Rotation: why not using double dodge right after banners? you gotta move in anyways and so headbutt and first arc divider profit from stick and move trait. Also if the encounter allows it, you never want to have full stamina to keep that trait up. Bladetrail: Since it is a loss in dps if you dont manage to hit twice with it or its blocked by a wall behind your target, sometimes it seems to be better to neglect it and just rush back in after whirlwind attack. Blood Reckoning: Consider switching healing signet for this because of the 2nd arc divider you can pack into your rotation. Altho Healing skills generally are situational, defiant stance may come in handy especially in raids, on gorse i take blood reckoning to get that bit more of dps etc. One should experiment here. (yes i love healing signets passive heal) e./ sorry for my bad english, im tired
  3. Hey, you can add me as backup here as well, when im online and available just ask. Usually 6pm cest to some time at night. Class and Builds: PS Warrior (asc armor/trink/weap, str runes, the usual bag of weapons for whatever is needed), Heal Druid (Magi/Monks, clerics trinkets, can reduce toughness if need be or switch out with zerker stats), Dragonhunter Roles: Pref Heal over DPS, can do both. Days: Pretty much any day. Experience: VG, Gorse. Years of raiding somewhere else if thats of value. Ingame: Hyphen.7409
  4. Taas


    That dog looks incredibly relaxed
  5. Taas


    Hands up for even more cuteness!
  6. Taas


    As promised to Sabina: meet Echo and Zelda! Echo is the small one, Zelda my big demanding princess
  7. This is pretty much based on SUBBED anime and the english translations of mangas, since i think dubs are most of the time just awfull and i cant speak japanese, so views about quality may differ if youre lucky enough to understand them in their original language For manga, i currently read nanatsu no taizai and do enjoy it a lot. Its about demon knights beeing hunted by their state in a middle ages fantasy world and has a good mix of fights, humor and crazy weird stuff. Anime: currently watching dragon ball super (highly recomended if you liked db/dbz) My pics would be: 1 steins:gate / FLCL (fooly cooly) 2 code geass 3 death note 4 FMA Brotherhood 5 Legend of Galactic Heroes Its a hard choice between code geass and death note for me, but i had plainly more fun with cg. Others may argue about that tho. Steins:Gate still persists as my absolute fav anime. Watching it for the first time was hilarious and the story with its characters is just amazing. Felt a little bit like japanese Doctor Who. FLCL you just have to watch. Its just 6 episodes long and pure fun. I very much advise you to go in blind, every bit of information just spoils the fun. Others that i can definetly recommend (in no particular order) are: X:Clamp, Bleach, Dead Man Wonderland, One Piece, Naruto, Eureka Seven, Log Horizon, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Berserk, Record of Lodoss War, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Tokyo Ghoul, Kill La Kill, Claymore, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Blue Submarine No 6, Ergo Proxy, Love Hina, Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi (sunday without god), Spice & Wolf, Samurai Champloo and i think thats enough for now Be advised that some of them may be either graphical, old, very long, kind of childish, weird or contain ecchi elements. I cant recommend Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack On Titan) for now. The animation is superb, the action is intense and the general idea suits me, but somehow the delivered story was just not enough to entertain me that much. Lets see what the next part will bring. Log Horizon is the better version of SAO to me, but if youre into that genre i guess both are worth your time. When i have more time i will add a list of anime movies that i made over the past years
  8. Taas

    Dark Souls anyone?

    Somehow i forgot that there is forums. Well i got me ds3 and unfortunately it nearly melted my cpu. But in two weeks i will most definetly loose my life in it! Anyone got to play it so far? Judging rps it seems pretty good.
  9. Taas

    Dark Souls anyone?

    Will do as soon as i can login to my steam account again, forgot the pass for both acc and email... I hope i will get a new pc till ds3 release, my old setup will probably die when i launch it The higher ng+ tiers are pretty much the same as ng+, although with significantly more hp and damage on bosses. But you shouldnt get hit anyways. Depending on your build pretty much everything could oneshot you.
  10. Atoms for peace is Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich from Radiohead, Flea from RHCP, Joey Waronker from REM & Beck and Mauro Refusco from Forro in the Dark. Basically musical overkill
  11. Anyone here playing Dark Souls? I am looking for people to finally get ng+7 in softs (i keep on failing on ng+5 brume night with the current katana only dex build). Generally I tend to rush complete runs to improve my timing and movement but I am willing to become a better pvp player in case sb might be interested in that. I dont consider myself a noob, but I am far from good in my opinion. Note that if you stalk me on steam, I mostly play offline and the game doesnt sync with steam for whatever reason when started in offline mode. I can offer DS 1, DS2 with season pass and the scholar edition (f*** bamco...) If someone is interested in the series, I can offer help and guidance, since the games are very hard for beginners, especially the first one (do start with it tho, simply incredible world design) Praise the sun
  12. Taas

    Hey folks!

    Well, i did not understand all of what we did yesterday I guess, but I had fun anyways. I am not the only one with the mobility of a wheelchair when it comes to jumppuzzles Yes xcom, one more turn and i will answer the question... Yes I do play it quite a lot, altough not that good, currently strugling on classic iron man in xcom ew, my rig wont allow me to play xcom2 with good graphics, so i gotta wait for a couple of weeks more. (tbh i guess it would just die if I dare launch it^^) Fingers crossed to a new Jagged Alliance!
  13. Hey, Taas here! I'm a 28 yo lighting desinger from germany, which is one of those guys in black beside a concert stage, usually with some cables in hand. I was talked into starting GW2 by friends in DV and actually joined in on my first day. Currently exploring the game, getting confused a lot and falling from rooftops while exploring the beautiful world. I cant say for sure where my goals in this game lie, but generally I am more the PVE guy, altough I do like to hunt for scalps when I feel like it. For now I'm happy to start the journey through GW with a good community already! Besides GW2 I currently play Nuclear Throne and Endless Legend with a couple of friends. Generally I play roguelikes, rpgs (propper ones with numbers and such), turn based tactical stuff, indie games and pretty much everything thats either challenging with good systems or appealing due to whatever. The likes of Dark Souls, Binding of Isaac or Kentucky Route Zero. I have to admit a very long history with wow and diablo, so Blizzard got a hunge chunk of my soul already, the pieces that zelda and quake left over anyways. I don't consider myself a hardcore gamer anymore, but i still see permadeath as the only option viable when it is available I've been playing videogames for probably 20 years of my life now, onward to the next! When I dont play i read a lot (on paper!), watch movies as some kind of a hobby or either make or listen to music aswell as the usual other stuff us crazy internet denizens do. I do tend to talk a lot, but i guess that's what a forum is made for. To adventure and shinies! cheers Taas
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