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  1. Wszechwiedz

    Keep Construct

    I bring justice.4967 power weaver or harrier druid EDIT: Harrier druid please
  2. Wszechwiedz

    Spirit Vale

    I bring justice.4967 Harrier druid or power weaver. I'd really like to train kiting on Sabetha. Edit: Harrier Druid, please I'm sorry, but none of your professions are ideal for kiting. The Harrier Druid should be in the main stack for better boon/effect distribution, which is why we usually choose the second Magi/Condition Druid or other healer, if we have one. The alternative would ideally be a damage dealer who's damage doesn't suffer quite as much from being away from the stack (most commonly a Necromancer) and is survivable enough on its own (Weavers tend to be a bit squishy). So there just are much better options in most groups
  3. Wszechwiedz


    I bring justice.4967 Harrier druid or power weaver EDIT: Harrier Druid please
  4. Wszechwiedz

    Keep Construct

    I bring justice.4967 Power weaver or Harrier Druid I'd like you to come with a power Weaver ~Nasu
  5. Wszechwiedz


    I bring justice.4967 power staff weaver or harrier druid Harrier Druid please. ~Nasu
  6. Wszechwiedz


    I bring justice.4967 pdps or druid. Edit: Power DPS, please (PS: In future signups, please let us know which professions you have! This can be important to know to plan for things like Crowd Control or other utilities.)
  7. Wszechwiedz

    Gorseval the Multifarious

    I bring justice.4967 Power weaver Edit: DPS please