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  1. Irijs

    First Kill Screenshots

    Pink people for the Pink Day in LA fundraiser killing spree, but also my first Samarog kill
  2. Irijs

    Open Raid for Pink Day in LA!

    Irijs.4587 Happy to join in kicking all the butts for a good cause Disclaimer: I would most likely fall under the "not terribly experienced" category so if you have enough people to make good pace in clearing stuff for more loot, I don't mind standing down Encounters where I can look after myself to an acceptable degree: VG, Gorse, Cairn, MO, Deimos, Escort, KC Encounters where I might need a bit of carrying: Samarog, Sloth, Sabetha (and I didn't specifically pick the ones with the same letter...) Encounters that I have done only introduction on: Xera, Twisted Castle Everything else I haven't seen in person yet
  3. Irijs


    Irijs.4587 support - banner berserker, power banner warrior power dps - dragonhunter, sword weaver, power soulbeast I'd like you to come with a Standard Bearer or Standard Bearer (Power) ~Nasu
  4. Irijs

    Sabetha The Saboteur

    Did the introduction a few weeks back, but she was mean and didn't die so I'd like some revenge Irijs.4587 support - banner berserker condi dps - mirage, soulbeast, raid-beginner scourge EDIT: DPS of your choice
  5. I've never seen Deimos in person so if experience is not mandatory, I can come wipe Irijs.4587 banner berserker (can range with LB) condi soulbeast (can bring axe instead of dagger in 2nd weap set) Edit: Standard Bearer, please
  6. Irijs

    Bastion of the Penitent

    I've done the previous intro run (sometime in July I think), we used most of the time at Cairn so I haven't got a kill on MO yet and never seen Samarog live. If there happens to be a free spot I'd like to sign up Irijs.4587 power - DH / banner core warrior condi - banner berserker / mirage I'd like you to come with a DPS of your choice / ~Nasu
  7. Irijs

    Sabetha the Saboteur

    Irijs.4587 power - DH condi - banner berserker Edit: Dragonhunter Power DPS, please
  8. Irijs

    Keep Construct

    Irijs.4587 power - DH (scepter/focus + GS) / banner core warrior (axe/axe + GS) EDIT: Dragonhunter DPS please
  9. Irijs


    Irijs.4587 power - DH (scepter/focus + GS) / banner core warrior (axe/axe + GS) condi - banner berserker (sw/torch + LB) I'd like you to come with a Standard Bearer (version you feel most comfortable with). ~Nasu
  10. Irijs


    Irijs.4587 power DPS - dragonhunter support - condi banner berserker EDIT: Dragonhunter DPS please
  11. Irijs

    Keep Construct

    Irijs.4587 DPS - DH power
  12. Irijs

    Reveal yourself

    Me trying to hide in a matchbox
  13. Irijs

    Gorseval the Multifarious

    Irijs.4587 I would like to practice mirage or soulbeast (both condi). Edit: DPS please
  14. Irijs

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Added to my Disc app on PC, and I can see the welcome channel so maybe it works now (think it gets confused when I do some stuff on phone and some on PC...). Thanks
  15. Irijs

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Irijs#1675 Lelling: Confirmed