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  1. Wow! Another person with the same interests. 頑張って Tbh I don't understand why do people find asuras cool/cute, they always seemed to me too arrogant and creepy.
  2. You're all so friendly ;_; Thank you!
  3. Not bad, but try to focus on getting the body geometry right (proportions seem to be a little bit off). Maybe I should post some of my drawings too.
  4. I'll pay you extra if you draw more detailed eyes (smaller and not just one color)
  5. Aerlevi

    Reveal yourself

    This is the first and last selfie.
  6. My personal favourite is King killer chronicles from Patrick Rothfuss, you should definitely read that, starting with The Name of the Wind. Je skvelé vidieť tu viac Slovákov /Čechov. ;D
  7. I'm up for the role of DPS Herald/Chronomancer (Tank build ready, DPS is in progress), I'm very experienced with the first wing, (second wing will be coming 8.3., so I'll be getting experience with that too), I've got 5 boss kills so far, but i think that the failed attempts (around 50) are more important since you learn from your misstakes. Anyway I know everything about the bosses, (I don't have warrior/engineer/hunter, so no advice on that) and I can advise other people (I've actually tried to train my guildmates, but uh... they aren't as eager as I am). So, if you need me whisp me (CokoladaSunka.1369) preferably during weekends around 6-7pm CET.
  8. Hello everyone, After a very well organised and enjoyable Triple Trouble event, I have decided to join you. I'm a 18 years old student (currently graduating High school) living in Slovakia. I'm very tall and slim and my weakness are girls with sweet voice. My main character will be Necromancer (Aerlevi) since I've got the most world completion there, but you can call me Michael or Coko (acc name is CokoladaSunka.1369). I've got a Commander tag, but I won't be talking too much since there's a lot of noise here (little siblings/TV/parents etc.) and I'm not yet satisfied with my English level. Also I'm focusing on Raids now so if any experienced group needs an experienced Herald/Chronomancer feel free to contact me in game (whole week around 6-9PM CET). That being said, I'm looking forward to our future cooperation. Cheers


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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