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  1. I cant stop myself from thinking how political this threat is (ment in a very positive way) Saying so much while not really saying anything at all. Revealing the top of an iceberg, leaving it up to the people to imagine the rest however they want. But I can tell you have carefully avoided directly saying whats most important (and potencially hurting) As such, I have an important question regarding this part: This really scares me. Does this mean "All the organizers in independent groups will be able to access and promote themselves on OC calendair, raid schedule, TS, discort and forums, while OC will maintain and monitor the platforms, in the same sence that for example Youtube or Twitch monitors theirs." Or does it mean "Those groups will be responsible for creating their own platforms, promoting and maintaining them, while OC will sleep in the background, not really doing anything on its own." The difference is massive, its essencially difference between saying "OC is dead, we are slowly going to dissolve it into small independent guilds, that will soon have nothing to do with the original platform, except for sharing the founding philosophy. Hopefully this way it hurts the curent community as little as possible, and doesnt show that really, we are just abandoning a failed project." And saying: "OC is going to change from being a group of people providing events, to being a group of people providing a platform for others to organize these events on." I really hope that the later is what you intend to do, since that is what I would like to see as a big fan of OC and its work. You have already invested so much into the webside and everything, got used to investing the time, have loyal following... Done right, it could really bring the platform forward, especially in the "inclusive" and "individual" part of your philosophy. Allow small groups to form with their own individual gaming preferences, which would be by essence more personal than 100+ groups of almost-random people on voice-chat. But in the same time you talk mostly about having a problem with being seen as a "content provider" and while dissolving OC into a philosophy will surely take that off your shoulders, changing the nature of content you provide will not. Being a platform require a lot of work and will lure possibly even more people to it, increasing the pressure if anything. I fear that what you are saying in this post is that you want to stop this from happening, and are going to slowly kill the platform instead. So - which one is it? Active platform, or a philosophy? You actually admitted already that you cant be both. But you didnt say directly which one of the two are you abandoning? From the steps described it still looks like you will try to be both, which means you will fail (again). I just hope you guys have this one figured out, so that you can succeed whatever you set out to do. And I would really like to know what the actual intent is here.


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