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    Raid training

    https://discord.gg/ge4Xryz hello all! [NUTS] RE FORMING RAID TEAMS! from experienced to 1st runs! all people are welcome weather it be a static team youre looking for to a one off kill run join our team speak/ discord and be placed in a team that suits ur needs! EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!!!!
  2. i say fairplay to all that give there free time and effort to organise these things and keep things going! EVERYONE and i mean EVERYONE! at some point needs a break and a wind down so doing it as a whole makes sense and will inject a bit of buzz about the community when its revival happens.... absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that! im shocked and saddened to hear that people within this community would threaten you personally and your finances with lawsuits!!! its beyond crazy the one thing that attracted me and the majority of the NUTS guild was the fact that everyone here seemed nice helpful fun and all inclusive! so from me and my guild i want to thank lelling and all the other OC staff and event organisers helpers raid leaders generally chatty people within this community and im sure when everything is back full swing it will be better than ever So all take as much time as you need refresh your battery's Much Love xxx
  3. So over the festive period people entered into our in house competition for 2 prizes - HoT expansion or PoF expansion- if the winners already had either expansion it was a precursor of their choice!!! so 1st prize - NINJA ARWEN 2nd prize - ANNALISE Sorry its a few days late you guys know how busy i get this time of year" ... Happy new year!!!! next competition will be out soon!!!!
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    when u spot a DV member in WvW and fan girl xxx (thanks for the fun)
  5. Fatal

    Destiny 2 FREE

    Heya guys not sure if its been mentioned anywhere but destiny 2 is free with battle.net accounts not sure if its limited time but worth getting if its FREE!!!! look forward to seeing anyone who gets it feel free to add fatal#2504 for overwatch destiny 2 etc!
  6. Anyone thinking of giving this ago? if so drop a line here may get a group from the oc to play together!
  7. Fatal

    First Kill Screenshots

    @Nan's first sloth and trio kills <3 congrats and thanks to the raid community! (sorry for low quality was in wvw before i joined the raid forgot to up the graphics )
  8. So many people helping out with fundraising for meningitis now here is a friend who gave time and effort to do a song for one of our charity events! give it a listen guys!
  9. Awsome job on the 1st pvp team today made it to 8th on the leaderboard!!!!!
  10. yes sorry about the confusion english isnt revronds 1st language! we wanted to build a squad for beginners but with peoples schedules we were mixing people out and in of the raid team ...but there is now a dedicated team one whose play times etc match up and they have the desired team make up to run the raid start to finish! but with the intrest shown and players we are confident that we have the bodies to make up a 2nd raid team for beginners! revrond will form the team and then we will try an align peoples play times to suit each other if they dont we will recruit untill we have raid squads that can play the same time same ppl so progress is made! we found on the 1st team people that couldnt make it that often had to be switched out for a different ppl and then the whole training of said person would have to start again and progress was slower than anticipated but once we shuffled we managed to down 2 bosses and get the 3rd to 40% before the reset!!! so raid team 2 will be made soon!!!!
  11. Beginner Raid team, 2ND Boss DOWNED!!!!! its taken us a few days and build tweeking/gear tweeking but we finally did it! This is just for everyone to laugh at us!
  12. @Arvinthir i belive your in DV? and always on the open community teamspeak anyway! so just friend revrond in game or poke him in TS when u feel like doing the raids after each session we tend to say when that group is free to run again picking more people up along the way so we can become more flexible with peoples working hours school etc and learn the tactics build tweeking as a group! once we have downed them all we will try full runs with the littl teams we have built im loving it so far! met some really nice people inside and outside of The Open Community!
  13. Grats on downing VG beginner team! whoop whoop
  14. if we do get more applications than spaces we could start a second team or have sub places within the team basically a raid hub full of people who want to achive the same thing but cant pug it because we all lack experience or 200000000 legendary insights
  15. heya guys although this event has ended REVROND an event leader within the NUTS guild is looking to form a raid group that can run together for there weekly/biweekly raid wings (after the inital learning phase!) ALL people are welcome as it is a raid team for beginners! ill drop the link to his post here so u can all check it out or sign up to the team if you like! hope to see some of you, or some new faces on the sign up sheet!
  16. Welcome! hope you have fun with everyone @ the OC
  17. Fatal


  18. i will also be my ''healing/bunker'' ele on the season 3 team !
  19. This is open for everyone not just NUTS players so if ur not in the guild but still want to join the squad drop a message here!
  20. Nuts Are recruiting players to join teams and prepare for PVP season 3! it is a few months away (with season 2 still active!) this gives us time to put into place teams see who has good synergy builds etc etc and work around that with training in our own little private NUTS ARENA! (or guild hall arena for more than 2 teams!) Having multiple teams will allow us to jump on the leader boards! Rewards you win in season 3 you can take back to your full time guild hall (as the reward is a nice PVP trophy decoration and other goodies) you can leave your name here or send me a mail/pm in game Fatal.8693 all are welcome to join and play and as we are a community guild you can still keep your full time guild and tag along for the fun/competitive side of GW2 You only need 2 things! 1- to be on the open community teamspeak so communication when fighting is far easier! 2-Happy and fun attitude as flaming other team members will not be tolerated! (flame the enemy by all means xD) Hope to hear for some of you lovely people soon lets be prepared for season 3!
  21. i love our new beaver!
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