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  1. Hey hey everyone Last week went great during the escort raid, and I would like to continue trying for this. So this friday we will be going again for it I made a signup sheet for people that would like to join All you have to do is fill in a couple things on the friday night raid page tab and you are good to go As said if we get more then 10 people we can look into making a second squad for it I hope to see you all friday at the raid at 19:30 CET https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wd-CEOW_SsF7DKQ5tWPZkNHtO0kcBCPB9Wmw6OAxruA/edit#gid=734090373
  2. working on that soon got some tech details to work out for this coming week
  3. thank you for all the help with that makes it a lot easier to do things yes
  4. !!! ATTENTION !!! From now on every friday at 19:30 CET is raid time which means we are starting this friday with the escort to get ion the groeve of it all this will take about 30-45 minutes from what I know so be there or be square Greets, Your friendly raid commanders Tj and Tubi
  5. no next week not tomorrow list will be made coming monday signups will close thursday friday next week will be escort
  6. SO after a talk with some friendly advice from a certain individual who shall remain unnamed I have come to the conclusion that the requirements were a bit to high for what we will be starting with. We will begin with the escort to get the hang of things which means that full exotic on a lvl 80 character is needed to tag along. It has been told to me that this we can do without a problem. After the escort is done there will be a split up where you can either choose to stay on the escort group or go for the right gear which means near full ascended to do the actual bosses. So the sign ups begin again for the escort group with at the very least full exotic. Monday I am going to fill in a document with names for myself to have an overvieuw and the first raid will be friday the 9th of decemeber 2016 at 20:00 GMT +1 (which I believe is also CET) So let me hear if you want to be part of that coming friday Greets Tj TYler
  7. reason I am asking everyone to have ascanded armor at the least is so I can make a list of how many exotic wearing peeps I can take with me :-) So do not give up hope if you are not in full ascended
  8. YES! YES! YES! You are seeing it correctly :-) after months and months of painfully having to wait and ask every single time it is finally there. !!! Raids Will Happen !!! For the when however it is still a bit of a fitting things as there are only a limited number of days in a week that i am availible. so for that i have selected friday as the raiding evening. the time slot however is still a bit debatable and depends on the amount of people we can get. In a post below I would like to see the follwoing information from you so that next monday 05-12-2016 I can book a permanent slot for it: Account name/character name... so i can contact you Professions that you have availible for raiding in AT LEAST ascended armor and level 80 off course Either one of the following times which at CET ( I am Dutch so GMT +1) i believe: 19:00, 19:15 or 19:30 The more people respond the more we can set up for it so spread the word :-) With much love and hugs Tj Tyler a.k.a the nutty Dutch guy


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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