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  1. Happy birthday, Christuuh!! ^_^

    1. Christa Lee

      Christa Lee

      AH ty so much!! :)

    2. Christa Lee

      Christa Lee

      yours is in 2 days!!!


  2. Omg sith, please upload a beardless selfie!! Your exposed chin won't be a disaster
  3. To bootcamp or not to bootcamp... :/

  4. Sithicus shaved everything off??
  5. Cuz it's nice to be able to put a face to the name. Christa and Ridge here with matching pink tops!!
  6. I'd like to be able to finally join Raid one day. Most likely with my condi Reaper or dps Ranger. Haven't got full ascended tho, only trinkets and weapons.
  7. Pandora Music Radio, tuned to Ed Sheeran. I'm mellow.
  8. I know I know... Mac isn't popular
  9. Aha that was Declan! You invited me because I stopped by in the GH after cutting herbs, and we were in a party. He, indeed, "dropped" everything when a Cyan invited him to a squad. "OMG I can't do fractals, Lelling invited me to do Guild Mission! Huhuhu... Oh wait, whaaattt? This is not even my guild." Anyway, welcome, welcome, Cyan! And ty for escorting me, whether it be as a wolf, a quaggan, or a rabbit...
  10. You sir, are missed a lot! Glad to have you back!!!
  11. Dausaurus ola, nice fractal runs!!!
  12. Haaaaiii Stekaaaaay!!!!
  13. Hi Daz, Thank you for a late night session a couple days ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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