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  1. Dew

    League of Legends

    Euw, salty, flamerino, riven main kappa (jk I just play riven to feed) I can't really decide which lane I should main, so I don't really have a main champ but my main champ for 2 close to 3 seasons before I stopped playing basically was Irelia (BETTER NERF IRELIA) and since then I only touched League for few weeks or a month then stopped playing again for months or till end of season, because community is shit, tank meta sucks, the more updates they bring out the shittier the game gets guess that's why I only play for few weeks or 1-2 months each year. about your Damage pic they're bad, 100k in aram (worst game mode) is easy to get with a poke champion I think I had once like 180k damage with xerath (was a longer aram game tho)
  2. I would join if my PC wouldn't have problems or maybe we could try 1 game in the future even tho I am kinda rusty (wasn't rly playing much csgo for a year just 1-2 rounds of dm every 2-3 weeks)
  3. Dew

    Reveal yourself

    Lol tobi nice eye squares you got there they're so lovely D:
  4. Dew

    Share your Desktop Screenie!

    @Steki eww league of legends wallpaper D:
  5. Dew

    Share your Desktop Screenie!

    thats mine @Chef do I see a folder named "Borderlands 2 tricks and cheats" :p?
  6. Dew

    Oh me ?

    Welcome to the forums Matsku, nice to have you here :3
  7. Dew

    Hello I'm Ani :>

    Welcome to the forum my cutiepie <3
  8. Dew

    Hey :3 I'm Audio.

    Welcome to the forum Tobi D:
  9. Dew

    Ip adress and port number

    the port should be the standard one (9987 I think it was for teamspeak)
  10. Dungeons (or rework them so they're enjoyable)
  11. Dew

    Greetings younglings !

    I know about Europa Universalis (I never played it, but my Clan mates I know for about 6-8 years now were playing it like 2 months ago non stop D: ) also Welcome to the forum Vortok, it's nice to meet you :3
  12. Dew

    Adventures of Mars Bar the Martian Cat

    It's soo cute *^* it's nice to see the Adventures of your kitty