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    @Sithicus She is 9 now. It looks like her other leg is bad as I took her for a long walk the other day and it takes her 3 days to recover. I am lucky she is not clever enough to understand she is not very good at being dog. Yes @Miyaa it sucks to see they not 100%, they just don't understand what happened and they just want to play.
  2. chaosdog

    Reveal yourself

    Lol my dog loves to swim but that was in rehab as she had a new knee put in ( as I said she is not a very geed at being a dog )
  3. chaosdog

    Reveal yourself

    Well Hello there good people of the OC I need to start making an effort to meet people so this is my Pic. After looking through a lot I realised I don't have many Pics of me sober lol. It seems I shy away from the camera until I am drunk 0.O This is my Dog Chaos ( she's not very good at being a dog she keeps braking ) Feeling proud as this is the 1st time I've uploaded a photo to a forum lol ( small wins )
  4. Thank you all for your welcome. So you work for University of Nottingham Mr Sithicus ? I work at the lesser establishment of Trent lol. Its good old rivalry then from the start lol
  5. Hi My name is Craig, Pleased to meet you all. I am 36 and from Nottingham England. I am one of the biggest newbies here lol, I have not really played MMOs before ( a little wow and LOTR ) but that's it. I am loving GW2 and have had some good advice and grown fast. If you see me around I am always willing to learn new things so say hi. My job is to look after the wellbeing of 2000 students during the night in a city centre campus. Its a lot of fun and I need GW2 just to unwind when I get home. chaosdog. cant remember the 4 digits so will update when I get home. Its a pleasure to make your acquaintances.


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