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  1. No idea who the artist is, sorry I'm a huge fan of Luis Rojo's art and this one kinda reminds me on his work, maybe it's even his. Check it out, he's amazing https://www.google.si/search?q=fantasy+artist+luis+royo&client=opera&hs=FqN&biw=1920&bih=942&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjEhc6co43NAhWLWhQKHSjXBBAQsAQIGQ
  2. E.A.Poe and Nevermore and My lost Lenore Miss Anna Varney for waking up.... And Rammstein for fast driving
  3. My "sunny days" desktop (at "rainy days" all goes black)
  4. Ran

    Reveal yourself

    Me toooo! Dog, you said? Meet always sad Max... ... and always hungry Zombie ... and always on the way to somewhere me
  5. Heya My ingame name is Ran. 4658. All my alts, except one are named after norse mitology godessess, like Ran, Nott, Nox, Syn with surname Lyall. I'm from Slovenia, a nurse as primary job and editing subtitles for movies as secondary. Cause I like both and couldn't decide between them, I just kept both. That made my life chaotic but I find routine boring anyway. Beside gaming and work, my passion is metal music. My first game ever was Zelda, I'm eternal Nintendo fan and for years I was refusing to play any game on computer. It doesn't feel the same as big TV screen and throwing joystick all over the room in rage haha. When my friends bought me GW2 and SWTOR for my b'day, that decided my future gaming life. I tried just about every MMO, from Cabal, AION, EoS, TERA and lots of asian anime games like Aura Kingdom and Asta. But nothing can't compare to GW2. I still play SWTOR cause I really like Mandalorian and Sith lore, but only GW2 can keep me occupied for ages. So much to do and so little time I played GW2 at the time when Drytop and SW maps came out, back then it was hard to solo that content and I paused game till a month ago. Because I'm a big achievement and exploration whore and I mostly soloed everything, I have no clue about group content in game. Ok, somehow I know fractals now and AC dungeon, but he rest I'd really like to learn. Just last night I crafted my last ascended gear piece, got AR to +69 ( I like that number btw, think I'm gonna keep it haha) and starting to work toward backpiece. Also almost done with vol.1 of Kudzu, it goes slow cause I'm trying to resist temptation to buy needed mats My main is ranger but I love druid, which is kinda late discovery cause of zerker gear. But I enjoy to play it. My ingame goals are: - to participate in guild events, as many is possible and my skills allowing it - to learn gliding! My one time DS try was a disaster cause I couldn't use updrafts properly lol how humiliating is that - to replay story content for mastery points and achievements, I need 14 more points and I'm done with Tyria masteries - to learn about dungeons and raids - to grind fractals till i get all ranks done - to find a good time for WvW content cause every time I get there, it's empty And the last but most important - to meet new friends and play with them. I know long time and experienced players don't have time for newbs (and noobs haha) but I hope there are some new players, who would like to learn game and to join forces in discoverings. I'm online almost every afternoon and evening, sometimes afk cause of work. But if anyone wants / wish / have suicidal thoughts, I'm always up for any content But beware - the phrase "I'm a noob" is my middle name for real I really like DV guild, commanders are amazing and members fun and helpful And for those (rare, I believe) who don't know OC yet:


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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