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    Councillor's Dance

    Time: 6:00 pm UTC / 8:00 pm CEST TeamSpeak: Optional Coordinator: Britxh Statics, Dynamics, and Synergetics have all brought out the finest in each of their students! And now, the time has come for their graduation. And of course what better way to celebrate than with a good old fashioned dance? Dress for the occasion, and even bring a date if you’d like! Because this evening, we’ll be celebrating the brightest minds in Rata Sum. Join us on Saturday October 15th at 20:00 CEST at the Idea Incubation lab in Rata Sum. (Waypoint= [&BLUEAAA=]) An open, newbie-friendly Roleplay Event to help people get into RP, or just make new RP buddies! Join our LFG or whisper us for a taxi -spectating at first is totally okay!
  2. welcome to the forums!! hope you'll have a wonderful stay~
  3. lovely character names!! welcome to the forums!^-^~
  4. Sugar. Spice. And everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little Commanders. But Professor Lelling accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction... ELEMENT TT. Thus the Powerpuff Commies were born. Using their ultra-superpowers, Anabelle, Diana, and Kahiara have dedicated their lives to fighting the wurms and the forces of Mordremoth! Hello! Us three commanders, Kahiara, Anabelle and Diana are gonna be having a fun little Q&A with all of you guys!! If you've ever wondered what Diana eats for breakfast or what Anabelle's favorite series are or Kahiara's favorite letter is, well now is your chance to find out! Join us on the TS after TT on Saturday the 10th of September for silly banter, discussions and questions! We'll be playing along a little drinking game as well so if you are of Legal Drinking Age™ feel free to join. As for the questions, you can simply send in as many as you want by replying with them to this post OR give me (Britxh) a private message with the question, and specifying whether you want to be anonymous or not (if not said you will automatically be anonymous). Of course any questions asked on TS during the event itself will be answered as well! We hope to see you join then!! RULES: -No invasive or identity revealing questions. -NO harassment. -Specify who your question is directed to, otherwise we will all answer it. And lastly, have fun! <3 DISCLAIMER: -Strong language will be used -Alcohol consumption -TS required -angry scottish yelling
  5. britxh


  6. until
    TeamSpeak: Not Required Coordinator: @britxh Join Living in Tyria [RP] in our next weekly event!! This time a norn moot to celebrate the spirits of the wild!! Will be hosted at Snowlord's Gate in Wayfarer Foothills. The hunting season has ended, and so our brave friends and companions return gather around the hearthfire to honor the spirits of the wild! Bring your grandest and most daring stories, grab a drink and enjoy the moot this Saturday! Let us celebrate the wonders of life and the bond we have with eachother!

  8. wow!! i Love it!! nice work
  9. late to the party Britxh#8980 Sabina: confirmed
  10. HAH found you!! Easy! now let's see if you can find my little hiding spot~
  12. Bonjour~ can you tell i'm a massive sailor moon fan!!
  13. just to give everyone an idea of just how many people showed up:
  14. yess i'm so happy!! i saw the tumblr post and thought about bringing it up to the admins but it seems that won't be a problem <3 i will be there!!
  15. oh wow here we go i, too, have always been roleplaying some kind of way since i was a child. i would play pretend with my brothers a LOT, but at that time i didn't know there was even such a thing as roleplay, and that it's *gasp* something that adults do too!! fast forward a few years, i was around 14 at this time (i remember this clearly since i lied about my age) and i was OBSESSED with this 3D chatting site/game thing called IMVU, where you could make and dress up your own 3D character and chat with other people in a room. a lot of these rooms were called things like "vampire academy roleplay" or "the dark moon clan RP" and shit like that. i was curious and sure enough i got dragged into it. my very first roleplay character was a half fallen angel, half vampire girl, with pale skin, long white hair, red eyes and jet black wings. her name was Onyx and she fought with daggers. (soooooo edge omg) i made a lot of friends during that time but as i gradually got older i became bored of it so i quit IMVU. i've always loved to RP though and really missed it after quitting, but my social anxiety basically held me back from reaching out to some very intimidating RP communities. BUT now i'm here and i couldn't be happier!! So that's how that story goes~
  16. it's a dutch name, it stems from Lieselotte^^
  17. Here's my little diva!! light of my life. <33 her name is actually Lies but it has a completely different meaning in dutch
  18. britxh

    Reveal yourself

    here's me gazing lovingly at my cat (also the most recent photo i could find) background is my dad's office.
  19. hello hello opencommunity peoples!! i've been putting this off but i thought it was time to finally introduce myself. My name's Britta, call me Britt if you will^^ i'm 17 years, art student, currently living in great rainy Belgium! i've been playing GW2 for over a year now and i've never enjoyed anything as much. also slowly getting into League of Legends but thats just on the side. i'm quite new to this huge community and admittedly quite overwhelmed (i'm shy give me a break). BUT i look forward to meeting and playing with everyone!! i'm mostly with RNG for now, and aspiring to become a great commander one day, (hopefully). But yeah thats all for now!! shoot me a message wherever if you wanna chat!! bye byee! <3


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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