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  1. And you definitely shouldn't. Nor should anyone else. I've always had respect for you folks for the immense amount of work you were putting into this whole thing. I can only applaud your decision, as nobody should (have to) sacrifice their personal lives, or that of those around them.
  2. Yay!
  3. Port Tawni is well under way Additional pylons must be constructed.
  4. Congratulations!

  5. ... and as a bonus the rainbow that was outside during the event. Very fitting
  6. Tawni.gif.fb4eb52e1fa547dc5ed71e21931b4523.gif

    Fiddling for a bit while waiting for TT 😘

  7. I am fond of cats
  8. We just did the Environmentally Friendly achievement ... and Cairn challenge mode! (Don't have screenshot) ... and Mursaat challenge mode!


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