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  1. Ellyxina

    Raiding for Pink Day in LA!

    Ellyxina.5023 Tempest Healer Cdps Scourge Pdps Weaver Druid Healer Edit: DPS, please
  2. Ellyxina

    Open Raid for Pink Day in LA!

    Ellyxina.5023 Let's do this! \o/
  3. Ellyxina

    "All We Can Kill" Run

    Ellyxina.5023 dps/ healer Edit: Ellyxina's DPS à la surprise! (๑•́ ヮ •̀๑)
  4. After travelling for 11 hours I sit in the train station waiting for my next train to take me home and curse my infectious diseases teacher for promising to give the results of our exam yesterday and not doing so. 🙈🙉🙊

  5. Ellyxina

    "All We Can Kill" Run

    Ellyxina.5023 Dps / tempest healer Edit: any DPS, please
  6. Ellyxina

    Soulless Horror

    Ellyxina.5023 CDps Scourge / Tempest Healer (I didn't really manage to get the golem pushing right yet) EDIT: Tempest Healer please
  7. Ellyxina

    "All We Can Kill" Run

    Ellyxina.5023 Power DPS: Weaver Condi DPS: Scourge Healer: Tempest, Druid (not the best might giver) Edit: any DPS, please
  8. Ellyxina

    Keep Construct

    Ellyxina.5023 Support Chrono (1536 toughness - i can lower it to 1465 but i will also lose some boon duration) / Tempest Healer / dps (scourge/weaver) EDIT: Weaver DPS please (Assistant)
  9. Ellyxina

    "All We Can Kill" Run

    Ellyxina.5023 dps (weaver / scourge) Support (tempest healer / chrono - not as experienced) Edit: any DPS, please
  10. Ellyxina

    "All We Can Kill" Run

    Ellyxina.5023 dps (scourge/weaver) healer (tempest/druid) could also bring and train chrono but I haven't been in all encounters with this yet. Edit: Scourge Condition DPS or Weaver Power DPS
  11. Ellyxina

    ''All We Can KILL'' Run

    Ellyxina.5023 DPS or tempest healer EDIT: DPS, please
  12. Ellyxina

    Spirit Vale

    Ellyxina.5023 Tempest Healer / Harrier Druid / DPS Tempest Healer (druid for gorse), please.
  13. Ellyxina

    Keep Construct

    Ellyxina.5023 Would love to play tempest healer (can also bring dps or harrier druid). If druid - I've never done the orb pushing I'd like you to assist me as a Harrier Druid ~Nasu
  14. Ellyxina

    Gorseval the Multifarious

    Ellyxina.5023 Condi Scourge / Power Weaver / Tempest Healer / Harrier Druid EDIT: Teampest Healer or Druid, please