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  1. Claiming the Guild Hall Gathering: "We Won!"-zerg: Winners' Photo: Found-"quaggans"-dance-party: The best hiding spot: The Circle of Love:
  2. I'm "breaking" the rules(?). Sorry not sorry. This is what the Quaggan Hunt was actually like while the commanders were looking for gigglers. As the chat says, "The first rule of Gryffin Club: Always walk backwards." The Circle of Love:
  3. Naked gathering: Skimmer ballet: Rainbow circle: Sight-seeing: Naked victory!: And - FLYING RAPTOR!:
  4. This is like a demonstration of the difference between high (see original post) and low (see below) graphics settings. .................... Hmm... Not... ... quite right. --- I'm not very creative today, but I decided to aproximate 3 quaggans by getting closer to the ground. Yep.
  5. Separator

    Bandit Trio

    vitei.7641 Necro condi dps This'll be my second raid. Moving onwards. Remark: Nasu's group Condition Necromancer DPS
  6. Separator

    TT Special Role Training


    I'd like to come train, but I'll be on a plane. Some other time, I guess.
  7. Separator

    First Kill Screenshots

    First Vale Guardian. First raid ever, in fact!
  8. Separator

    Raid Introduction: Vale Guardian

    Vitei.7641 Necro condi DPS. Never done a raid before... Karrys group.
  9. Separator

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread! [On Hold]

    Separator#8423 Viridian: confirmed
  10. Separator

    Hide and seek

    Found you. ---------------------- This one is easy, but one has to start somewhere.
  11. Separator

    Show off your Character!

    That is one skinny dude.