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My account name in GW2 is Vitei. Why I picked that and not some version of my usual gamertag (Separator) is something I ponder sometimes.

I bought GW2 about a year ago (maybe a bit more?), played for a month, and then... I didn't... ? I came back a couple of months ago.

I'm a PC gamer through and through; I got my first computer (IBM Aptiva with DOS and Windows 3.1) when I was eight and have been stuck since. A classical adventure gamer at heart, I have since branched out to RPGs, 3rd person shooters, the occasional FPS, puzzle games, survival, resource management and maybe one one of two RTSes and 4Xes. Something of an omnivore. I like buying and testing strange indie titles, just to see what kind of things people can come up with. Because I'm an asocial single player game person without any gamer friends xD MMOs have not really been my thing. I was a casual WoW player (my main was called Vitei - Aha!), about eight years ago, but one day I got so annoyed with my guildmaster that I ragequit and simply never logged on again...


So, outside of the computer?

I'm Swedish. I live in Sweden; in the far north in fact, just below the Arctic circle. I moved here to attend university (Luleå University of Technology, LTU). Originally I'm from the very south though (Skåne), but I've lived most of my life in the ~middle (Västerås)... Yah, I've moved around a bit. After a two year break I'm back at university, finishing off my masters in mechanical engineering with focus on ergonomics and product development. 

I used to do a lot of things: read, draw, sing, work at the university coffee shop, but *OVER-SHARING WARNING* after being just kinda, low level, depressed for... always?... I finally fell into major depression, lasting more than a year. I'm still working my way out of there, trying to get back to things I used to enjoy.


I live with my dog, Zack. He is the love of my life. ;) I talk about him a lot. Like a lot a lot, if you get me going. But I'm not too talkative, so someone else will probably have to start the conversation before I say anything.



(Also, why does this thing convert my nice smilies to emoticons? I hate emoticons (because I'm grumpy and old and things were better in the old days *shakes fist*). Annoying!)


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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