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  1. Claiming the Guild Hall Gathering: "We Won!"-zerg: Winners' Photo: Found-"quaggans"-dance-party: The best hiding spot: The Circle of Love:
  2. I'm "breaking" the rules(?). Sorry not sorry. This is what the Quaggan Hunt was actually like while the commanders were looking for gigglers. As the chat says, "The first rule of Gryffin Club: Always walk backwards." The Circle of Love:
  3. Naked gathering: Skimmer ballet: Rainbow circle: Sight-seeing: Naked victory!: And - FLYING RAPTOR!:
  4. This is like a demonstration of the difference between high (see original post) and low (see below) graphics settings. .................... Hmm... Not... ... quite right. --- I'm not very creative today, but I decided to aproximate 3 quaggans by getting closer to the ground. Yep.
  5. until

    I'd like to come train, but I'll be on a plane. Some other time, I guess.
  6. First Vale Guardian. First raid ever, in fact!
  7. Found you. ---------------------- This one is easy, but one has to start somewhere.
  8. And because we had nice lunchtime weather today I snapped a shot of where I live live (still with my not-very-nice, broken camera). There are two houses on the left, I live in the furthest one. The university is one minute's walk to the right. Convenient.
  9. That's the kind of picture I'd like to be able to pull out in situations like these. :).
  10. Well, I'm bad at listening to music these days, but I sing a lot to myself. Today it's 16th century songs about drinking 'till you fall over. (Bellman alltså.) This one has been featured prominently in today's repertoire. I don't know how much you'll get out of this clip, but there it is - I'm following the rules! :).
  11. I just stumbled into the Behemoth last week when someone was organising the achievement via the map chat. He/she had to repeat themselves a bit, but it worked surprisingly well. Especially considering that they suggested we try for the achievement about 10 seconds before the event started... So it is entirely possible with a pug, but probably preferable with some real organisation.
  12. Well, I'm not the most social person, and none of my aquaintances played games. At least not that way. But, except for gaming and moving heavy furniture, I've always prefred the company of my dog. ;).
  13. Oh, yes, that game. in GW2 the name is Vitei, Vitei.7641. (Trying to go for Bond there.)
  14. Yah, well... lanterns. Didn't know if this should go here or in the guild hall. It ended up here. Obviously.
  15. I always thought Monaco looked cool, but who knows how long. -- Also, I don't buy co-op games because I have literally no one to play them with.
  16. It's an interesting contrast; that classic white house and the huge wall of glass behind it.
  17. Sorry, couldn't find a nude.


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