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  1. Dinn likes to burn things.
  2. Degrarr


    Lmao, unfortunately it doesn't quite work like that when everyone else around you is also Scottish.
  3. Someone's probably heard of it, but Tachyon: The Fringe was one of the first games I played online on the PC. It's a space sim and features Bruce Campbell as the main character in the SP story, I kind of fell in love with the genre after that but have been disappointed with a lot of the latest games (I bought Elite Dangerous but have still yet to get around to playing it). It had a fairly small and tight knit online community in both multiplayer modes, there were FFA deathmatches or team based resource collection & base destruction modes. I've just noticed it's actually on Steam now so I am totally going to check it out again
  4. Degrarr


    Hi guys, So I'm Degrarr, though you may have seen my other 80s Illia Leafarrow or Dinn The Explosive in some of the TT runs. I'm 26 and a Scot living just outside of sunny Glasgow, I do social media for a living (it's not as fun as you'd think). I'm no good at this introduction malarkey so I'll jump straight to the videogames: MMO wise I started off with DAoC (Dark Age of Camelot), from there I moved on to Star Wars Galaxies, then WoW for a few years. Had a bit of an on again/off again relationship with EVE online as well. I had a short experience with GW1 but didn't get in to it, I've also played various other MMOs like city of heroes/villains, champions online, DCU, SWTOR and a bunch of others I can't remember. I've also played too many games to list them all, recently I've done a bit of Dota2, Robocraft, Awesomenauts and GW2 (obviously). A few others I can remember include GTA 5, Rocket League, XCOM 2 and finished off Grim Fandango after it was re-released on Steam. Sometimes I'll play around with Minecraft and Kerbal Space Program. There's loads more but I'd basically be listing a good 80% of my Steam library. My TV favourites include Rick & Morty & Metalocalypse. Music's a wide variety of stuff from metal & rock to synthwave, though I'm fairly easy with what I can listen to. Christ this has turned into a bit of a dating profile,I'll wrap up there but if you have any questions then feel free to ask.


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