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  1. So you've been wondering what is Santa doing in summer? Me too, so I've hired a detective to follow him around. Here's Santa and his little helpers... stealing the booze? Naaah, they must be shooting a PSA! ... Right? Remember, kids! Stealing is bad.
  2. Best vacations ever. I'm stayin all month.
  3. I'm sorry to inform you, but those 3 naughty little asura are responsible of Santa's death. RIP Christmas... Couldn't you pick instead a warm cozy cottage with a fireplace, you bad kids? ... When Santa saw that wurm messing with his reindeer, he had to show him who's the boss! ... that might have worked if Santa would go outside more often than once per year instead of eating cookies all day long. Oh well... At least we still have Tixx!
  4. On the pic: Rhaifa (Anabaena) and Joanna Banana (Jean Green) - the finalist of the Belcher's Bluff competition from OC Week. + our famous racer Himiko as quaggan and shout out to Canoe for being our camera man. \o/ Was fun.
  5. It's a Naked Triple-Triple Trouble! 1) Three naked burning skeletons (should use sunscreen, sunburns is no joke!) 2) Three naked and very troublesome Lords Farens (the third one feels very naked without his sword) 3) Sad (and very naked) anomaly with drinking troubles.
  6. You can bite me if you want. I'm healthy and tasty. I mean...! Hi. EDIT: I swear this made sense with my at the time nickname
  7. and you will make mine if you'll take the photo! EDIT: btw guys, if perhaps you only view the forum and don't have account to be able to send a private message to me, then you can contact me on Discord (JoannaBanana#0602) or in game if you have any questions etc: Jean Green.7208
  8. [deleted message with pre-t pic and asking for help with video for contest and stuff, won 50g, I'm rich, you know]
  9. I planned to wait with sharing my channel until I won't finish the video for WoodenPotatoes competition. I have bunch of videos that I'm embarrassed about. There was even time when I kept everything on "unlisted" (there's still a bit of those, but they are accessible by playlists) and I've been just sharing with my closest friends and family, but the stage of learning basics of editing and such I have behind me, time to learn how to be comfortable with camera and how to deal with feedback coming from strangers. I just thought I'd feel better with sharing with you, guys, once the newest GW2-related project of mine will be done, cause of reasons. Buuut... Butt. I guess if you assskkk so niceellyyy... www.youtube.com/tahinata Just don't laugh at me too loud!
  10. "If you're ready, willing, and able, don't be shy – come on in and introduce yourself to your fellow community members." H-hi. Still a bit shy, but finally ready! ... and able, now when Lelling helped me fix my issue with loading the forums, using his extraordinary computer science knowledge! "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" I've been around for a while. Long while... - I remember Lelling mentioning on ts my account name as "Jean Green has been probably on every community weekend we ever done, I know cause I had to send prizes" or something like that, lol. Have I? First time I joined those I was sure it's just yet another OC's Community Weekend, but looks like I might be a regular lurker. Anyway, it's been like literally years now since the day I was standing in Rata Sum and I've read on map chat about OpenCommunity doing incoming TT (keep spamming map chats! I wouldn't be in this great place otherwise <3). I did my first ever TT with you, guys, and it was AWESOME! The same day I heard on ts about one of those community weekends - Sourunji's charismatic advertisement totally bought me, so I followed the line of carrots and had tons of fun during my first Community Weekend with you, people! \o/ Some of you might recognize my characters, since I participated in whatever there was to participate in! Jennifer Break, Keirra Shepherd, Insecure Annie, Jack Septic Eye Two... Probably the most remarkable memory of mine, out of those spent with OC, was last Tyria Pride March. Truly amazing event and I can't wait to join it next year. I made 2 videos with footage from both days, cause I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I wouldn't save that memory - it was just so great from the very start when I saw how many lovely, tolerating and supportive people showed up! It's especially beautiful for me, cause Poland, where I live, still have a long way to go in order to not be seen as a homophobic country in my eyes (and in many other eyes). And as a small-town-girl, this in-game experience was my first ever Pride March. I never knew I can feel this much warm and cozy, being surrounded by good people. The videos are posted somewhere on the forum. I like to tell myself that I introduce myself this late, cause I simply prefer "1v1" interactions, that's why this feels too much like a speech for a wider audience, which is terrifying for my inner introvert, but there's more into that than just introversion. I fight anxiety on daily basics, it strongly affects me physically, of course it's easier in web, but you're still real people, so I chose to stay in shadows for a long time and not really make any friends in the community. It usually (I'm getting better at this) takes me really long time to feel truly comfortable with people, so instead of getting to know anyone inside the community, I've been sometimes bringing for events my old good buddies from my small guild to not stand alone in the corner, hahaha. There was a time when I thought about signing up my guild for OpenCommunity's guilds, I heard you liked our forum, haha. But since it was long before PoF hype, guild died out, we weren't that active anymore, so I no longer saw the point. Maybe some day in the future, cause with help of PoF hype, I'm slowly resurrecting the guild these days. Omg, this is such a tmi post. You see?! Anxiety makes me mumble in nerves. Here: Hi, I'm Jo, I like bananas and pizza. I play GW2 since its premiere, with some typical breaks. I love the game mainly for the greatest community I've ever seen (there's nothing better than running around as quaggans and robbing banks with chill people), but I don't mind an epic WvW action or PvP, or chilling in Silverwastes while listening to good music, or decorating my guild hall, or playing Fashion Wars 2, or doing constant TT, but I honestly just do it for the community aspect these days. Give me more Freontwel and his piano!!11!!one!!1! \o/ I also like cookies, I'm in middle of the eternal cats or dogs fight (love them both) and I'm an aspiring YouTuber. I've been joining OC's events since a while now. Stole all your gold by winning all your races and stuff, buahahaha, sorry for that. I totally adore you, guys! How you cooperate with charities and how awesome you are is just impressive! *_* Keep up the good work. See you around, sexy people. <3 PS They call me "wall of text chick". PPS Where is my rainbow OC pin-back button?! ;_; PPPS I love you!
  11. AWWWWHHHWWW! You posted the screens! My big frog-heart will be coming back to this moment in the future and feel warm and cozy again while hearing in my head this epic Freontwel's piano show all over again. *_* And that head on the shoulder, awww, so cute, I love it.


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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