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  1. Of course... Don't you do that? Weak! Noooeees! Have to edit my opening post again, found a typo.
  2. GEDDIT? I think I should introduce myself already: I'm a 24 year old German (one of the few) who joined this Community because Scarlet forced me to did such an amazing job commanding the Triple Trouble. I instantly realized: Oh god, someone even crazier than me! My other crazy guild is inactive completely. It is/was called "Froschparty", you may have heard of them? HOLD ON! Why didn't I join the German community?! Watch the first 2 seconds of that Video for the answer! Started playing GW back when Factions for GW1 was released. And I play a lot of other games, too! Shooters, strategy games, racing games, even the Tabletop Simulator. Do you want to play? Great! Ask me! And talking is fun, so if you see me all alone in a channel, just annoy me until I join you in yours! [But maybe I'm listening to music and won't hear you!(Rock, Metal and their electronic variants!)] What I do when I'm not at my computer: ("real life" Hobbys and stuff) Volleyball, motorcycling and skiing. Other than that: I study Physics and Biology, so if you ever are in need of a teleporter, a nuclear bomb, an FTL engine, a cloning facility or some nasty microscopic stuff for World domination scientific purposes, just ask me discreetly on the Teamspeak. *cough* I can also provide stupid ideas for you everyday needs! BTW: That replace instead of insert while typing in this forum really annoys me! Great! So much text and nearly no information in it at all. Seems like my job here is done. Time to end it with some German rubbish.


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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