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  1. Zognia


    So i started playing Factorio and it was very fun so if anyone from OC want to play togheter and make a massive factory that be great. might be good to add my steam name Steam: Zognia
  2. Zognia


    Dps Tempest Staff/Tempset staff healer Zognia.5219 Raid Leader: @Gzarig or @Slaywright Remark: Tempest Staff Healer pls
  3. Zognia

    Raid Boss 6-Pack

    DPS Tempest full zerk with Schoolar runes
  4. Zognia


    Zognia.5219 Dps tempset Full zerk scholar runes
  5. Zognia

    Raid Boss 6-pack

    DPS Glass tempest and can get magi for healing if needed raid staff healer Zognia.5219
  6. Zognia

    Community Week May 6-13 2017 screenshots!

    The New glider leaked!
  7. Zognia

    Revelation Online

    So me and my mates has started playing this game (https://ro.my.com/en) and we want to start a Guild but we need 10 peps for it to not be dispanded So if anyone is intrested plz respond
  8. discord Zognia Lelling: confirmed
  9. Zognia

    The Guildie Superthread!

    Hello peps of the DV Guild! I am Zognia! Joined DV a few weeks back. I play PvP ranked and unranked hit me up if u wanna destroy some scrubs (Zognia.5219)!