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  1. looks like i need re-approval... sorry for inconvenience Lelling: confirmed FOR REALSIES
  2. I always did that, not even knowing how is it called. For some reason i did not find much of people roleplaying in other games, while i like to play the game itself "in character". That is why i normally play alone and sometimes surprise players with "NPC-like" speech. I did not expect any "in character" interactions in GW2 with other players, but as i like to play it that way, i started to build backstory right at the moment i entered character name in creation screen. I ended up with pun-name wich suits "out of character" interactions and have explanations for "in character" interactions. One day i was strolling around Rata Sum looking at different asuran things, "immersing" myself into that science-based society and stumbled upon four asuras at Plikter bar. They were talking about their researches and devices, discoveries and failures, and for the first time i felt exited and inspired: "wooo-wait a second! I am not alone here!". Walking to the bar and ordering a drink was enough to start conversing with others. That's how i started RP in GW2
  3. GW2 is first place where i found actual roleplay. As i started playing in may 2016, i have no deep lore knowledge. Hope you enjoy my story ________________________________________________________________________________ Peacemaker investigation report BWSG-147-31 [ public part, classified content omitted ] Location: Brisban Wildlands Subject: Glowing cave in vicinity of Skrittsburgh Objective: Suspicious activity of skritt around cave indicates they might be using it as a storage for stolen equipment, which is to be returned to respective owner. Responsible: Senior Investigator Groxx Investigation protocol At the time of investigation previously detected "blue glow" is not observed. Cave entrance is half blocked by rocks fallen off from ceiling. Cave is not lit, artificial portable light sources are used for investigation. Cave floor is covered with small shards of some kind of energy crystal glowing dim blue and drops of unknown liquid. Internal cave layout consists of sets of interconnected devices, grid analysis indicates that it was a laboratory. Plenty of devices seem to be of non-standard configuration and some of them use ineffective technical constructions. Complexity of interfaces leaves no doubt that all of them were built by asura. Models and serial numbers do not match to any illegally procured equipment in database. Residual energy scanning indicates that entire laboratory was functional few days ago. All equipment is covered with drops and spills of slimy semi-transparent green substance and irreparably damaged, presumably due to heavy electrical energy overload. Two glass chambers of unregistered type were apparently broken by explosion and have residue of green substance inside them. All display panels are inactive, tactile and voice controls not operational, some data storage units are intact. Unidentified body found near one of glass chambers. Body is lying face up, unconscious, partially covered with green substance, no body attachments, augmentations, clothing or devices found to help identification. Face do not match to anyone in database. - Data storage units extracted for further investigation. - Asuran body transferred to Medical Center of Rata Sum. Appendix B1: Found body description Classification Type: sentient Race: asura Gender: female Age: 20-25 Identification Height: short Skin: soft pink Body marks: none found Head: large Ear thickness: thick Ear length: average Ear tip: straight Ear edge: curved Hair color: dark navy Eye color: black Augmentations: none found Status Skeleton: intact Epidermis: intact Breathing: present, rare Temperature: normal Acoustic stimulus: no reaction Light stimulus: no reaction Tactile stimulus: no reaction Appendix B7: Medical Center rehabilitation notes Subject suffers from severe loss of long-term memory. No one of Center mesmers were able to recover anything earlier than "the Experiment". Memory restoration is complicated by split personality disorder. Second personality appear to be skritt. Skritt personality is very stable if subject observes glossy, polished or glowing objects. Returning to asura personality is nearly impossible unless all such objects is removed. If returned to asura personality, subject shows proper logical thinking, high cognitive abilities and clean speech. Appendix D2: Data storage unit analysis Storage unit contains mainly research data, unreadable without description. Significant part of it is related to skritt psychology and group behaviour research. Some experiments imply researchers being a part of skritt "scratch" group and immersing themselves in social communications. According to records, two of three krewe members were using simplified names to make communication easier: Shy for Shaxxa and Chi for Chajji. Later research focuses on detecting "connections" from single skritt specimen to other members of skritt group. Most recent measurement chunk is incomplete, supposedly because it was recorded right before lab explosion, and refers to project N.I.E.C.E. Extracted unfinished article (part) Project: Nonverbal Intelligence Expanding Connection Experiment Krewe: Synergetic Auramancer Shaxxa, Skritt Psychologist Chajji, Statics Engineer Jappa Abstract Skritt intelligence scaling is proven [1] and tested with different groups of skritt in various locations [2].Nature and mechanics of this phenomenon are still unclear. Given that in some cases single skritt can perform complicated logical analysis without talking to his group [3], we can assume some sort of mental connection between them. This article shows, that skritt use both verbal and nonverbal connections at the same time, proving the assumption. Bibliography [1] "Logic in skritt groups of various size" - Skritt Psychologist Chajji, 1325 AE [2] "Affecting factors for skritt intellectual properties" - Synergetic Auramancer Shaxxa, 1327 AE [3] "Focusing of decentralized intelligence in large skritt groups" - Synergetic Auramancer Shaxxa, 1327 AE


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