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  1. I think I know which Grenth statue this is So where am I?
  2. Gobliiins! So good to see that mentioned Well, as for what made my childhood that nobody seems to remember now: The Quest For Glory saga, in particular the first one (because I grew up with a 386 and EGA graphics, and that's the thing I, uhm, acquired from school): It had a great atmosphere, was a good excuse for learning some English, and the music (when not on PC Speaker anyway) was quite good too. Erana's Peace is something I want to learn to play: The other game that I only encountered later, but other than some die-hard fans people don't seem to mention it, is Beneath A Steel Sky, which was released on DOS and Amiga (and if you manage to get an Amiga emulator running, it's worth it because it's just much better music-wise).
  3. Welcome :3 I have two charrs, a thief and a warrior, and yeah, charr heavies look great
  4. It is a fun and funny language and, shame on me, I find it super cool when my drunk Finnish friends talk to each other at EF I always want to join in but I can't!
  5. Work laptop running Fedora and MATE (and can barely run GW2), my wallpaper is Rebixx and Bzakki bunny as drawn by the magnificent EthanW (warning! NSFW!).
  6. Hi everyone, You probably don't know me on this name even if you've played together with me a few times in Triple Trouble, the occasional Shatterer, or most recently the GW2Pride, but this is what I'm generally known on. In-game, you'll probably see me as Bzakki (female asura mesmer) or Rebixx (male asura necromancer), or less often my other characters who are all non-asura and whom I have collected on G+ a couple months ago in this post. But enough about Tyria (nah, never :D), let's talk about something else. I'm a software developer from (and in) Hungary, sadly already in my thirties, and as things might have it, I'm the founder of the local furry community, which dates back to around 2004. If you're a fur, you have probably seen me at Eurofurence. I used to love learning languages (haven't tried to get a new one down in ages), and I can speak four: Hungarian, English, German and Dutch. I used to be involved in the Hungarian localisation of LiveJournal and Facebook. I love to travel (no, I love to be somewhere else, the actual travelling part is not as much fun), and Singapore and Amsterdam occupy a very special spot in my heart. When I'm not playing GW2 (which is ridiculously rare these days), I might be messing around with old DOS or C64 games (does anyone remember Hero's Quest?). I love parentheses (apparently). When I'm not playing GW2 (or anything else), I'm probably binge-watching stuff on YouTube, in particularly lockpicking, which is sadly entirely illegal in Hungary (to the level of it being considered a national security threat), or the hyytroolik prestšänäl Hydraulic Press Channel made by that Finnish guy with that amazing Finnish accent (I need to learn Finnish at some point). I love gin-tonic and beer. Ask me stuff!
  7. Thank you again, everyone, for organising this and for being there. I had a great time both in the game and on TS Looking forward to more shenanigans with you all. Thanks for following my Twitch, for those who did ^^ No idea how to record the stream, maybe it has to be done on the client side rather than on Twitch, dunno. I don't have good screenshots unfortunately, had to degrade the model count and quality because my PC couldn't take it. It seems that most of Twitter's #gw2pride hashtag is the NA event, those of you who have Twitter and some screenies, could you post them there?


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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