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  1. Steki

    Twitch Streams

    @Sithicus Aren't you forgetting someone?
  2. Welcome to the forums idiot cool guy!
  3. Steki

    DV Goes Raid

    As much as I want to do this often, I cant because of IRL stuff. So I'm signing up here as a backup! If you are lacking dps and you see me online (usually during/after TT), feel free to invite. Roles you would want to play DPS -> Berserker Tempest (ascended weapons + armor + trinkets except back piece) Days (and times) that would work for you Every day after 9pm CEST IF I'm online! Your raiding experience Have lots of experience with VG only In-game account name steki.1478
  4. Steki

    I hope you like puns...

    Welcome Raziya! Looking forward to hear you sing some more ^^
  5. Steki

    Dry Top - Tier 6 Guide

    Pugs are more likely to follow commander on east, which I believe needs a lot more people than west does. But I dont understand the need for 10 people to do escort event in west while 'special' team barely gets 3 people to do 4 events at the same time. So, West team should merge with special and spread out a bit, while East needs 2 people (from like 30 who are following comm) to do 1 event every 5 mins. Comm can mark locations on east and ask for persons in squad to finish those. 2 squads are more than enough, we just need a little better organization.
  6. Steki

    Dry Top - Tier 6 Guide

    What I dont understand is why do we have a ''special'' team? Most of those events are on west and as far as I know all events on west don't need more than 5 people. So instead of making special team, people on west should spread out and cover all of the events. On the other side all ''special'' events on east are soloable (except maybe for tendril one which is doable by 1 or 2 persons).
  7. Steki

    Raid Squad for Starters

    I'd like to join with my dps tempest (char name Steki the Chaosmage). Have exp with VG only (so far). Online almost every evening, I can adapt to any schedule. You can invite me in guild ign: steki.1478 , but I wont be online until this weekend.
  8. I can join with my support ele as well, or even my condi mesmer. /steki.1478
  9. Steki

    League of Legends

    I dont know why I thought urf would be available last week (during OC weekend), but I'm glad it didn't. So hop on the URF HYPE TRAIN!!!!! 3 days left Btw check out mid-season magic on website, it's glorious
  10. Steki

    League of Legends

    I personally prefer ascension and last one was amazing! Imo urf was best when it appeared for 1st time because there were no restrictions, and it was whole new experience, last year it was very fun though, but not as fun. Anyways we have Community Weekend as well and I have exam too. So sad I'm gonna have to miss most of both GL & HF
  11. Steki

    What's your name again?

    I wanted to post this a long time ago but i kept delaying it for no reason. effort...amirite? Soo, all of us have a names we are known by, whether it's account, toon or forum name and I've noticed that every single one is unique and have it's own meaning. But it's up to you to tell us what hides behind your name. Most people know me as Steki, but not just in game, because it's actually my nickname in RL. 'The Chaosmage' in my toon name is something I've been using in other games over last 5-6 years I think. 'Chaos' comes from damage type in Warcraft 3 (I was playing it a lot), which is strongest one in game (if I'm not wrong) and 'Mage' is kinda obvious...I play mage in every single game. If certain game doesn't have mage class I wouldn't even consider playing it... I didn't want to explain this but I get a lot of questions about my other toon named 'Pms Strikes Again' and all my answers were like ''It's just a random name''. Well...it's not. Pms = Phantasmage Steki and it 'Strikes Again' because it's chronomancer What's your secret?
  12. Steki

    Tiny bit late with this, huh ^^

    Yaay more ex-Yu people!! o/
  13. Steki

    A Streak To End All Streaks

    Is this Hide & Seek? I found you!
  14. Steki

    Hello to everyone

    Welcome fellow chaos! It's great to see you on forums!
  15. Happy birthday, Christuuh!! ^_^

    1. Christa Lee

      Christa Lee

      AH ty so much!! :)

    2. Christa Lee

      Christa Lee

      yours is in 2 days!!!