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  1. IGN: Equus Albus (Grimweird.3856) Experience: did two attempts at VG, ~ 3 hours total, have good understand at what needs to be done at VG, need practice executing it. Classes: elementalist almost full ascended, rather experienced in mechanics. Can trait auramancer, but gear is zerker. Have several other 80s, but not geared yet and I don't know the mechanics and proper rotations. Time: either day is fine.
  2. Oh yeah I saw season 1 quite a while ago, nice to see they're making more of it Edit* Oh yeah, totally misunderstood, just woke up I watched it when it was in short episodes, so those got kind of confused. Anyway, it's a really great show.
  3. Did you also enjoy your time with Seamen?
  4. Well, your rank seems to match this thread at least, Mipfel
  5. Don't really know how he looks like *hint hint*, but maybe we're long lost twins!
  6. I'm here to haunt you at night.
  7. My turn! Embrace the pink-white checkered mountains Aaaand then me bashing Blek's head in during guild missions.
  8. Hey, I'm Lukas, but you can call me Equus/Grim/Eq (not EA) I'm 25, though sometimes I feel like I'm already retired. Yes, I am mostly grim, I make inappropriate jokes and get frustrated when people choose to do things inefficiently. And yes, I am a doctor (in training). That sort of explains dark humour and sarcasm. No, I will not prescribe you funky stuff. Been playing GW2 for a few months, though I bought core game over a year back - didn't click then. I've played countless MMOs, was mostly invested in Runescape (back in a day when Zezima was the man), Conquer online (private server Qonquer), MU online (private server), Lord of the rings online (Evernight). Always loved racing games, some RPGs and RTS (Stronghold crusader *drools*). Joined Open Community, because in Guild wars 2 I found myself.. alone and lacking a guild/community that I enjoy being part of. Been here for something close to two months, I think, and it seems I've found my place at RNG. I'm in UTC+2 zone and online every evening, always up for daily fractals.
  9. Singleplayer version seemed interesting, but when it was released, I had incredibly old laptop, so couldn't play. If someone is willing to buy a bundle with me (2 copies for 20 euro), I'm in.


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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