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  1. Me also joins! Flu#1412 Sithi: confirmed
  2. Yas, I am all up to playing Guild Wars I am so bad at this game I can't even finish the Ring of Fire mission alone (I always get rekt at the gate) so I will gladly join any GW parties Flu - captianflu.8529 - Major Flu (updated)
  3. Yas would like to know how the game runs and also try it out cause it looks pretty good will be home for a week since 23rd until 30th! Yaaay
  4. If you will have too many people, I can also lead a raid (or at least I think so) Your in-game name: Major Flu Your experience level: 10 Legendary Insights (killed all the bosses) What classes you can play: dps Mesmer, Rev and I have not played but have: Druid, condi Engi, staff Ele, can maybe gear up tank Guard If you want to join for the Saturday raid, the Sunday raid or both: can help with both Of course if you don't need another leader, you don't have to count with me I am here just in case of attendants overflow
  5. Welcome I really like your name CokoladaSunka Hope you will enjoy all the events like you did the TT!
  6. She is like: u wot m8?
  7. This classic And also this bit more party song from the same movie
  8. Oh hello another person from Slovakia Welcoooome o/
  9. Flu

    Reveal yourself

    Me in the middle
  10. Yaaay, finally I have pushed myself into making one of these Sooo hello, my name as Adrian, but I guess that you know me more under the name Flu I am 16 years old person, attending bilingual high school that is far away (2 hours by train) from my hometown (during week I live at dormitory at that is why you only see me during weekends) and I live in Slovakia! I am a fresh (? almost) commander, I had been a trainee for half a year since the end of August 2015. I love all sort of games, the most significant ones I remember from my early gaming years are FFX and Heroes III. So that's me in a nutshell (finally)!


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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