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  1. Vale Guardian wasn't even close, don't know what you mean. Thanks for Nasurelin for the introduction!
  2. Weren't we talking about that before I joined? But yeah, a pen and paper adventure within OC would be awesome! ~Zy
  3. Figured I may as well fill in one of these Hiya folks! My name is David, but you'll normally see me in game as either Zylarth or Aethaerixx. You might also see me commanding various events including Triple Trouble and Tequatl in the near future, after the breakneck Amber Wurm of last night. (Thanks if you were part of that by the way - an awesome way to get back into commanding, if a little stressful ). I may be looking to get into RP soonish as well - thanks Lelling, for getting me into DnD, and I mean that without sarcasm - I just need to work on some backstory. I hope to see you around in the world of Tyria! ~Zy


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