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  1. Oh, oh, one that I know. Here's a spooky skeleton.
  2. IGN: Nukkuu Experience: Cleared raid several times as support chronomancer. Class: Chronomancer. Would like to attempt tanking. Either is fine, if someone else wants to tank one day, I'll take the other.
  3. Yeah! But I'm probably not going to buy it when it comes out after what they pulled with 2 and the ultimate edition and will just wait for the definitive edition. I hope it'd be more like the first game rather than the second too but doesn't seem like it will but the second was still great (just not as good!).
  4. Dual monitor desktops are best! Here's mine!
  5. Heh, thanks! I kept going through loads of names before deciding on this one that I'm quite happy with. Lizards can be very friendly if they're brought up by people from a young age I've only been bitten by them when they're babies! Tegu lizards are also some of the smartest lizards there are, they can learn to come when called (but unlike a dog they'll only come if they want to) and can even be house trained to poop in a certain spot like you can with a cat. Though I will have to post pictures when I get it, it's basically my dream pet of all time. Hehe, yeah I've been told it a few times now, though I did know before picking it. Muna seems like a pretty good new character name to me! I tried to pick Maapähkinä earlier for a new character but it was taken. It's funny, I'm learning Swedish but I actually listen to loads more Finnish language music than anything else even more-so than English language music. Seems like I should've tried to learn Finnish instead. Maybe once I'm fluent enough in Swedish (I'm pretty good at reading it now, but hearing it and speaking it without pausing for ages is beyond me). Oh and thanks for all the welcomes everyone.
  6. I got this while waiting for TT the other day!
  7. Hi, I figured since everyone else is doing one I should do too though I don't really know what to put, but others posts gives me somewhat of an idea. My gw2 character/account name is Nukkuu which is Finnish for "sleeps" if you didn't know! I took the name from the title of one of my all time favourite albums "Nukkuu by Lau Nau". I recently (3 months ago) came back to GW2 after playing it at launch, getting to 80 and subsequently stopping since I couldn't find anything to do after crafting full exotics (since there was no ascended back then!). Though with HoT and the advent of raids (I was a huge, huge fan of raiding in WoW) I decided to give it another chance, and the game has pulled me in more than ever, there seems to be so much more to do now. Other than GW2 I'm a big fan of ARPGs like Diablo 2, Path of Exile, Grim Dawn, Diablo 3 and Dark Souls. My two passions in life are music (I like to make ambient music!) and reptiles, especially lizards. Of which I hope to one day own a black and white tegu lizard, already have the enclosure for it nearly finished so shouldn't be too long now! You might've seen me on TS a bunch not saying much as unfortunately even online I'm crazy shy (I literally had this post written out for like two weeks) though hope to build up the courage to be able to speak more often though it's unlikely. And I'm also learning Swedish slowly!
  8. I'm experienced in playing standard boon share chronomancer throughout the raid for all bosses but I would be interested in trying out tanking it in a place where people won't get angry for messing up.
  9. You shouldn't need a port to join, I never have anyway.
  10. I had this idea before that I thought might be nice for the gw2 section of the community where people can schedule a raid for a specific time and day where others can sign up to build a roster for. I mainly thought of it because when you don't have a group to regularly raid with it can be hell trying to find a pug that needs your specific class/build only to have the raid fall apart after 2-3 attempts. Maybe there could be different types as well like introductory raids where maybe 5 people are experienced and another 5 are new, since it would be a nice way to get more people into raiding without going through the LFG only to be turned down because they're not experienced enough. And to keep it from being just another LFG tool on a forum maybe only certain people (commanders) could schedule them? It's just a rough idea, let me know if you think it's terrible or could be okay!
  11. Yay, thank you! I love it. Though, I just realised I don't know/can't find your account name or will just "Atila" work?
  12. Bought a self style hair kit so I could get the style I always wanted just for this.


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