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  1. SapphireLight

    Random Screenshots from the OC Server!

    Sai admiring my ceiling
  2. SapphireLight

    Community Week May 6-13 2017 screenshots!

    One Sai to rule them all
  3. SapphireLight

    Pink Group Photo!

    I hope you don't mind me coat-tailing
  4. SapphireLight

    DV Public Discord!

    sapphirelight#1360 Sabina: confirmed
  5. SapphireLight


    Had to post when I found this topic Here's my boy, 14 in October...
  6. SapphireLight

    Hi There o/

    @Slaywright Yes, I got the just of your style (Amber is my fave wurm to run, but tend to go where needed) @Sithicus Thanks
  7. SapphireLight

    Hi There o/

    Yes cool because I recognise both of you I was there when you were explaining how you do Amber's run Slaywright. Unfortunately I was having Internet problems, so missed a bit of it
  8. SapphireLight

    Hi There o/

    Hi There, sapphirelight here I have been joining OpenCommunity events (GW2) for a few months now and thought it was time to join the forums. IGN is AoiHikari ^^ see you all online o/
  9. SapphireLight

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Hello ^^ sapphirelight#1360 Sabina: confirmed