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  1. OMG Squirrels!! So cute! And gorgeous pictures Would love to see your kitties!
  2. Xaverri

    Reveal yourself

    With those gorgeous full lips I bet you have an equally gorgeous smile, did it work? <3
  3. Just be on TS and keep an eye to the guild chat
  4. Check the post before yours (last on the first page of the thread) for the signup sheet.
  5. @TjTyler @Tubi , perhaps best to change your original post to add the link to the sheet there. Not everyone will read through the entire thread and it's quite hidden
  6. Xaverri

    Reveal yourself

    You can usually tell an addict by their eyes....
  7. https://www.gofundme.com/HeadsetKarry <3 As I don't use Facebook - If someone could share this around on theirs, LOVELY!
  8. Xaverri

    Reveal yourself

    Yeah, the guy in the center with the red sweater definitely qualifies as ginger/red-head
  9. Xaverri

    Reveal yourself

    I just LOVE awful Christmas sweaters!! What a fantastic picture Are you the male or female redhead?
  10. Xaverri.somethingnumbers Xaverri Nilai - Revenant - power based thingie Have 4/6 armor ascended, weapons ascended, accessories all ascended (backpack, rings, etc) Should be available from 19:30 even though that's pretty tight for some days. Other days might be on sooner. Already downed VG and the escort thingie and have experience on Slothazor. [Edit: 4/6 asc armor]
  11. But a cold draft touched his neck, making the hairs there stand on end
  12. Found your office in the Guildhall :P


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Xaverri


      Ahahaha, yeah I guess :D

    3. Slaywright


      That is true.

      Also I do appreciate how you use Chernobyl as an example :D

    4. Herathien


      to be honest im not sure if im right or wrong but think that was the closest you could get by my thinking^^

  13. Xaverri

    Reveal yourself

    LOL, Tormund indeed And hey, don't you go taking credit for your face. I'm pretty sure you parents made that!


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