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  1. Hi I love your art and if you have time i would like to get a character of mine beeing immortalized by your talented hands. Hope the pictures are ok, text me if there is problem. (Jack Olfskin.8790)
  2. Hello and welcome to another round of You Don't Know Jack ! Please take a seat and enjoy the next 95 minutes of Me... ( OK because of budget reaseons i need to keep it short) You can call me Jack and im in the crazy cosy RNG Guild. I'm a new commander trainee and hope i will bring you a lot of loot. I'm a PhD student at a Hospital and moved recently to Oslo for probably 3 years depends what wil happen or how succesful my PhD will be ^^ (wish me luck... seriously). Soooo where were we... ah yes I like doing sports, at the moment boxing and dancing (and yes im a dude), going to the cinema and baking (still a dude ^^). Also topics like DC, Marvel, Manga, Movies, crazy stuff, not the so crazy stuff, other stuff and the question about life itself are welcome to discuss and talk about. Hope you enjoed your stay and you can now move to the next section of the amazing forum. See you at the next event.


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