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  1. Yeah I sort of express myself and some of the meaning of what I write that way
  2. Oke so introductions, introduction, Introductions.. Hmmmm Lets start with some of the more obvious things (always a good idea no?!?) I'm from The Netherlands or Holland and I'm 27 years old. I joined the DV guild after doing TT with them for about 2 times and have been here for a little while now My first and main char is a human thief called Deidra Stormwolf I couldn't take Deïdra because the ï can't be used in GW I used to play a different MMO befor I came to GW a few months ago called Tera and thats where I started being Deïdra or Deï for short And no it is not from Naruto.. Thats just a coincidence and I only realised this after people started commenting on it. I am an achievement hunter/farmer And because of this I already have a decent masterylevel that shocked one of my friends (who asked me if I actually sleep ) And for the record I do sleep I love to sleep and dream Outside of playing GW I like to cook and eat delicious food I also like to bake or make other sweet things like Tripple trouble Icecream. Thats dark chocolate icecream with pieces of milk and white chocolate #drool!! And I named it tripple trouble because 3 types of chocolate and because my friends know of the TT-event with the 3 wormheads ^^ I like puns and odd humor and can have a talent of saying things that can have a double meaning with and mostly without my knowledge (which can be fun) I have a lot of male friends who say I am worse then them in that area (and proud of it ) The friends that game that I know pretty much all play GW as well. We have LANparty's which are fun Aside from GW I also play Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). And I dont play the version on the computer but the version with pen, paper and lots of different dices \o/ In one group I have a char that I also called Deïdra (Yeah I really like that name) And she is a monk which is a kick ass striker that will outrun a dragon at max lvl! seriously I will have so much movementspeed that I could run across the map in an instant.. You will never catch me Muahahahahaha (She is not evil.. I however might be though ) I also love to read although I haven't read a whole lot lately (I used to read about a book a day in a holliday) And maby you guessed it But I love to read fantasy Think Lord of the rings (I read that befor they made the movies), Mortal instruments series from Cassandra Clare, Among thiefs: Tale of the kin by Douglas Hulick (it is a serious recommendation IMO!!!!!) I like to listen to music and like a lot of different genres If I have to pin down a more specific type of genre I would say I listen to rock/metal most. It really depends on my mood and where I am though what songs I add to my youtube list though So if you ever get to hear any of them be warned that it will never be consistent Well there you have some info about me Any questions? Feel free to ask I might answer


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