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  1. Hey, Thanks a lot for the invite. Looking forward for the big news!
  2. Hello @Lelling I noticed the recruitment is closed. I wish to ask tho what about people in my situation? My situation: i joined DV in August 2016 and after some very nice times i quit GW2 and hence quit all the guilds i was in. Ofc i loved DV most not just because of events but because of teamspeak chat When i returned to GW2 in 2018 november i saw that OC is in downtime so i reapplied to join my favorite guild DV but the recruitment is now closed. Do you think after everything is reorganized i can rejoin the guild? Honestly i had most fun in GW when i was in DV and id like to rejoin now that im playing again. Lemme know if its possible to rejoin or if recruitment is fully closed for everyone not in DV atm.
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