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    The Guildie Superthread!

    Heya, joined recently. Been playing since launch but recently came back after a 3 year break. A veteran mmo player and have been raiding for over a decade by now, so hoping to get some more awesome pve done. Besides that I am a casual PvPer and RP when i can. Most of the gametime is however focused on working towards my Eternity, so let us see how many years pass before that gets done Ingame char name: Thuran Thorgrimsson, Phalanx warrior, Thuran.7624 Let's go break some skulls and get us some loot!
  2. Heya, recently had the pleasure of being involved in one of your triple-trouble raids, and must say I was impressed with how well it was organised and coordinated. In addition, it really felt good to be "raiding" again, I have been an active raider for well over a decade (Since vanilla wow launched) and it's good to get that itch scratched again, so hoping to join in on those runs a lot more! In addition i RP when I get the chance and currently run around most of the time as Thuran Thorgrimsson, my dps warrior main. Hoping to see you around, and that the maintenance is soon over so the guild application button comes back up ^^