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  1. Sorry, struggled with the upload (thought I did include it initially)
  2. Hello guys and girls I am Stella (Stella Kamikazi is my main Character) and I am from Pretoria, South Africa. I am one of the Co-founders of Hands of Loki [LoKi] guild. I am a full time working (Software Developer) mom of twin babies, and am busy doing my BSc Informatics & Computer Science. During my leisure minute, I love to bake and cook, or, when I really have a lot of spare time, like to draw or paint. I generally try to make some time for Guild Wars 2 when I can. I do not really play any other games at the moment. I have a tendency to come across as very shy, until people get to know me (must be a Scorpio thing or something), and then I just might become a bit too much for some people... Please be patient if I am not as active as some of you - I try Cheers


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