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  1. Would you rather have three kids and no money or no kids and three money? No just jokin haha
  2. Would you rather experience a sharp pain in your side each time someone says your name or have a bell sound each time you are aroused? =D
  3. What kind of drugs did you take/tried?
  4. Hello fellows, first, thanks for the invitation. The first triple worm raid was real fun with you and especially with ana as commander haha So i would like to introduce to myself: My name is Martin, im 26 years old and from austria (vienna). Im also known as the buzzer guy since today haha - Im a software developer, working on different projects. I can speak germanish, englishish and polishish. - I love to listen to music. Mostly i listen to deephouse/drum'n'bass/dubstep chill mixes or bands like Bring me the horizon, Blink182, SOAD, RHCP and so on. - Im traveling a lot with my bike in my city and go out for a jog in the night because it has something magical - I love sushi, whiskey and love to travel. Next stop will be tokio for sure - Im a fun person. I laugh a lot and dont take everything serious. I think thats all. If you have any questions, dont be shy =)
  5. Would you rather be naked in the antarctica or wear a snow suit in the desert? Would you rather use a toilet paper made from sandpaper or use eyedrops made from vinegar?
  6. Would you rather live one life that lasts 1000 years or live 10 lifes that last 100 years each? Give at least 3 reasons for your decision! =D


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