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  1. alright ^^ she is still level 30 Gave her an outfit to dress her up for the screen, but ingame she is roaming around with a frog mask because I find it amusing with the way the charr hop, thehe..
  2. Nevah Again, my ranger: and Baldness.. my ele, he is bald ^^
  3. Welcome to tyria (and beyond), hope you enjoy the new game you got yourself into
  4. Thank you ^^ I hope my spelling gets better with time! I have around 75 on each.. Expect the cloth one.. I have around 30 because I only do it once I have 300 silk without ever buying any of them
  5. Hello *loading*.. *reload this page*.. *error*.. lol I have been staring at my "Hello :D" for about 6 minutes now trying to think of something else to say, which is why I have been lurking all that time I guess >< Lets seee.. I'm 27 yo and my name is Sarah and that means I'm a female gamer which is quite unusual here in Saudi Arabia.. I joined DV a while ago and I'll be trying to be more and more active from now on.. although my spelling is really awful and the control freak in me wouldn't allow me to post something with spelling mistakes..the game doesn't have a spell-check unfortunately all done! I will be clicking the [Submit Topic] now \o/ <3 Side-note: I never dropped the habit of doing the daily crafts ever since I made my first legendary so I have a good number of unneeded Ectoplasm Refinements.. if anyone needs to skip the reset at some point feel free to /w Nevah Again (me)


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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