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  1. Lage.5761 Standard Bearer Warrior*, DH EDIT: Standard Bearer, please
  2. Lage.5761 Condi PS, power PS.
  3. Lage.5761 Melkor Condi/power PS I have Ley-Line Gliding Mastery :^)
  4. Lage.5761 Condi PS* * Condi PS is my preferred classes
  5. Lage.5761 / Melkor Doombringer So far I have only Warrior/Berserker. I have time like from 18:00 to 0:00 CET mostly everyday. Edit: Need ascended a Mace and Shield for full gear.
  6. Melkor

    Reveal yourself

    Fractals, they make you look old
  7. Discord: matt#7483 GW2: Lage.5761 ty Sabina: confirmed