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  1. Tossino

    "All We Can KILL" Run

    Tossino.6019 Power weaver (I would REALLY like to play this because I need actual raid practice with it) Chrono (can tank some bosses fairly well) Harrier druid EDIT: Harrier Druid please
  2. Tossino

    First Kill Screenshots

    I've been raiding for quite some time now but never had a shot at Xera. That changed today! <3
  3. Tossino


    Tossino.6019 Chronomancer Druid (not full Harrier though) Power Daredevil Edit: Chronomancer Support, pls
  4. Tossino

    Hello :)

    If you're speaking of the calendar, it should show the times in your local timezone, so you don't have to do any timezone maths. Welcome to the community!
  5. Tossino

    First Kill Screenshots

    Did an impromptu Sloth today with some OC peeps and a couple of us killed it for the first time!
  6. Tossino

    Praise Joko Run


  7. Tossino

    New Raid HYPE!

    Tossino.6019 Heal druid (mostly magi) Chrono Power daredevil Fiiine I guess I can't resist. 19:00 until about 23:00.
  8. Tossino

    "All We Can Clear" Run

    Tossino.6019 Druid healer (magi's) Chrono Power Daredevil Edit: Power Daredevil DPS
  9. Tossino

    Husk Handler Training

    Have the condition damage gear and thinking of trying out huskhandling, but you're not sure where to start? This is the event for you! Huskhandler means dealing with a specific mob the Triple Trouble wurm spits out called a HUSK. They have very high toughness which means only condition damage hurts it. We will help you with picking traits and skills on YOUR class to deal with this husk as efficiently as possible.
  10. Tossino

    Sabetha the Saboteur

    Tossino.6019 Heal Druid Chrono Power Tempest Power Daredevil I'd like you to come with a power Daredevil ~Nasu
  11. We pinkified all in our path. :3
  12. Tossino

    I like bananas.

    You're adorable.