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  1. AoiHex

    Reveal yourself

    Audio - your hair is amazing. I want it.
  2. I am a massive Dark Souls fanboy. I just love the feel, the lore and the EVERYTHING Cannot wait for the third. It looks fantastic!
  3. Ratatat!! <3 I really like Wildcat :3
  4. AoiHex

    Reveal yourself

    Awww you all look lovely Zis mee
  5. Why thank you <3 I was playing around with the wardrobe and then I happened to look at the new hairstyles online....all of a sudden it occurred to me what I must do. I must input my credit card details and create this immediately. ....So I did
  6. FMA and FMA Brotherhood were my fave's too ^^ I also like Studio Ghibli (of course), the first like 100 epis of Bleach when I was younger (minus fillers) and recently Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul. Not thaat much of an anime person anymore, I just don't appreciate the sexualisation of females and minors etc in a lot of them... but occasionally I'm in the mood to just ignore that. I also dislike reading Manga - just like things with sound and colour that's all
  7. You are incredible Atila!! <3 Thank you soo much for doing this
  8. AoiHex

    Ciao :D

    Welcome Steki!! ^___^
  9. Your sig has made me laugh/smile multiple times today
  10. You absolutely have to update this on a regular basis. He's adorable!


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