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    Alright, since the photographers here are sharing their images, I don't want to feel left out :D For the record, I am a freelance Travel Photographer (yes, my full time job). I travel often (around every 2 months) for assignments with clients or tourism boards, and I also lead workshops in many different countries. I do a bit of everything, as long as it relates to the essence of a place, and its culture. I am of course on every social media platform possible, so if you want to follow, just ask. PS: The last image is the beautiful city of Granada in Spain, where I live.
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    I like bananas.

    You can't be an aspiring Youtuber if you don't share your channel link with OC.
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    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Can I has verification? Styxx#3944 Thank Yee Sithi: confirmed