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  1. Screenshot Reenactment Challenge - April 2018

    Seems those quaggan managed to convert a few krait into following Mellaggan, I wonder if she will forgive them for killing her
  2. Screenshot Reenactment Challenge - January 2018

    "Yah lets see how the karka enjoy getting their vacation, not so great is it" - Krew of angry asura on holiday
  3. OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    llandshark#1630 Sai: Confirmed
  4. Screenshot Reenactment Challenge - November 2017

    Im not quite sure what lelling is trying to cook up in the guild hall but im 90% sure its edible
  5. Titled: First, let me take a selfie My Sylvari Ele Daya Aluta taking a selfie in the chalk tunnel in Tangled Depths. (Alternative title: And if you look over there you can see all my corpses from trying to run to dragon stand)
  6. DV Public Discord!

    Discord: llandshark#1630 Ingame: llandshark.1462 Sabina: confirmed