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  1. Nicole

    Apples for Sale

    Welcome :)
  2. Nicole

    The story begins...

    He put his hand on it and softly murmured "Don't give up now, this new potion will bring us money!"
  3. Nicole


  4. Nicole

    Lostdotfish: An Introduction

    Welcome I have been playing gw1 recently as some friends needed HoM Points. I missed that game so much
  5. Nicole

    About that time...

    Haiii Fayth
  6. Nicole

    Jill Pendragon's Introduction

    Welcome Sorry to hear about your first account. See you ingame!
  7. Nicole

    Hello :D

    Hello There! I was the silent Nicole person during the TT event today (8th dec) who couldn't figure out why TS wouldn't let me talk. I have been around the game since launch, since gw1 even. I am very into Lore and i write gw2 fan fictions as well xD. Nicole is my IRL name as i always use it ingame. People sometimes don't even know my character names. I do almost everything ( i skip fractals and raids). See you in game! Edit: Character name: Apolinaria