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@Lelling If I saw you on the street, would I throw you and yell YEET tonight?



I'd never heard of this band or song before before it popped up on my Discover Weekly playlist. (If you don't know what that is, I heavily recommend it: it's a Spotify playlist that generated weekly, with songs and bands you're not already listening to, but are sort of in your orbit.)

So I was gonna say one or two comments about this song but it turned into a little essay. The entire thing is 12 minutes long, but it's so diverse and yet hypnotic that by the time it ends, I'm always disappointed and listening to any other song immediately afterwards feels weird.

I think what makes it work is that the rhythm is basically always the same, but everything around it never is. There's little to no repetition in the vocals, it's always either a different phrasing, voicing or a different lyric. Lyrics themselves range from amusingly bizarre to sober wisdoms; vocals have a build up of slowly becoming more unhinged, sometimes they're doubled for a sentence or two but the effect is never milked to exhaustion; the synths and weird guitar effects in the background get more and more layered of chaos. By the time you might get bored of that, the song introduces the mega catchy ooo-hoo-hoo's. It really feels like you're being hypnotized at a dance event in some large hall while this man shouts wisdoms at you. 

It's truly a thoroughly interesting song for anyone even half interested in music production: a lot of subtle details make this song work and if one such detail hadn't been there, the entire song would've collapsed into a longwinded bore. 

TL;DR: this song is pretty cool. 

Tune in next time for another small music essay no-one asked for. 😄

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Sometimes you just kinda have to open a taco shop on the roof of a casino on the moon, am I right?

(It got rave reviews: four stars out of five. And that's unheard of.)

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